Personal webmaster want to learn to brake car in the end

A5 has published articles in a long time not to contact, many grassroots webmaster, had written nearly 60 grassroots webmaster circle in the article, but he did three months after the site back when he had written the article, feel very empty, really empty.

from the beginning of February 2nd registered the domain name GBTOL.COM, my site has gone through the course of three months, of which the bitterness of only experienced webmaster friends to experience, I rarely QQ three months before accidentally landing on QQ, saw the summer wind message, that moment, very touched, as your friend is not forgotten touched, for the grassroots grassroots feelings touched, now, in a sense, I come to a dead end, personal Adsense in desperate situation may learn to "brake" car.

definitely can’t give up the website


brake does not mean to give up, to believe, not the failure of the site, only the failure of the webmaster, any time, do not give up their own website, give up your web site, will eventually be myself down. At the beginning of website, everyone carries a dream, many webmaster regret giving up their website a year or half a year later, in order not to regret, bite, change thinking, change mode, as long as you never give up, you will have an unexpected turn. That knife words, yes, really, see this article friends probably face the poor little flow, in the face of income growth embarrassed, but don’t give up, not for anything else, just because we are men.

insists, not necessarily persistent, sometimes stubborn,

ideal, people have to eat, a few months down the site next to nothing, investment in increasing income is negative growth, this time to brake, look at your promotion methods if there are problems, not to be bound by their own habits of thinking, if has been online, you might consider promotion offline, if has been online, consider the promotion on the line…… Dare to break the routine. Consider their own direction, communicate and friends around, don’t always closed doors by subjective judgement to know the direction is wrong, no matter how adherence is not successful.

also want to improve the work efficiency, perhaps usually takes 6 hours to complete the things you only need to spend 3 hours, try to make time to consider diversified economic sources, the site is the need to spend time, but don’t mistake the "cost" when "cost".

learns to "pound out"

website failure, many reasons for positioning, and this time may wish to concentrate on a small piece of work, and do not seek to go hand in hand. Find the best, a level most profitable, focusing on attacking a level, a level referred to here is perhaps a section of the forum, perhaps is a kind of user of your site users group, regardless of your website is what type, whether you >

Personal webmaster’s e-commerce website Road

at this time of the financial crisis, every webmaster has to think about where we are going. Many webmasters have more than one domain name, many websites. Many owners said that they are doing garbage stations, and we used to call the garbage station, that is, a little flow by the union survival of the station. And such a station, in the present view, search engine requirements are getting higher and higher, the probability of K also pleased to come with big. Traffic is gradually reduced, the amount of League deduction, low prices, and their own website and no specific profit items, so that only one way down.

many personal webmaster has begun to transition, began to sell their website. For example, the novel station, the state also has policies to strengthen supervision. Personal webmaster inappropriate. Some webmaster has changed careers, and many webmaster has embarked on this "road of no return". So what you have to think about is what kind of station you’re going to do,

the price of Baidu why success? Even a click on the price at around 10 yuan, but why there are so many companies to bid? Because the keyword can bring a lot of business for them, and bring the business far more than the cost of click. This also affected a lot of SeoEr gens.

as the saying goes: "good tree under the shade", many units purchased Baidu keyword, but there are many key words, no one to buy. So, our individual stationmaster chooses the industry that these key words represent, build a station. Small investment, quick results,

here to illustrate it: for example, "Chengdu e-commerce website" this keyword was purchased, and that the Chengdu e-commerce website industry is very profitable. Electronic commerce website is so many, our individual stationmaster can analyze the market according to oneself experience, find out an electronic commerce website project construction website accurately. Such as: free business network, business network program, business network construction, business network code, etc.. Don’t look down on these, if parents or students search to your website and ask for permission to sign up. This month’s income is about half the salary of white-collar workers. Then the individual owners may ask, we just set up a website, but we do not own website construction? This is a very good solution to the problem, according to our personal power to difficult station, then you can consider the cooperation and development of e-commerce sites, such as easy to business network

here just a brief introduction of a model, I hope to give you some inspiration.

The trend of Internet development through Baidu

Baidu is the entrance of massive Internet users, so Baidu can also make full use of the user’s access behavior to improve their products, and even adjust their strategy. Let’s take a look at some of the current trends in the Internet through Baidu.

1. Internet penetration of the daily life of the people is an irresistible trend.

, Baidu’s, made an important revision at the end of 08 and early 09. The important two points are the provision of life, services and local services. And the addition of "life" to the main navigation category on the right side of the hao123. Local and lifestyle sites will become an important force in China’s Internet in the future. Can not do portal, we can do a local life site.

2. users online age structure close to the social population structure.

Baidu launched an older search, increasing the hao123 search box. Baidu’s search for older people is by no means accidental Conscience Discovery, and it is definitely background data that illustrates the potential of this field. Internet more than 10 years of development, the Internet users from a relatively single young people in the past, into a relatively rich crowd structure. Began to close to the social population structure. Now there are old age search, that day Baidu launched minors search is normal.

3. open cooperation is the general trend.

Baidu even if the technology is still fierce, and can not solve everything, can not cover all the data on the internet. As a result, Baidu urgently needs to introduce third parties to improve the user experience, to make up for the lack of search. Google integrated everything with technology, and Baidu’s Aladdin fully demonstrated Baidu’s operating capabilities. Baidu is likely to demand, those users search Baidu did not meet the needs of users of the good keywords, to conduct a comprehensive arrangement, with open platform mode to improve the experience, enrich the search results.

4. mobile Internet, the next 300 million Internet users coming.


in the first half of this year to speed up the significant action in the field of mobile Internet, with Samsung bundled with Baidu search, and China Unicom, China Telecom reached an agreement to jointly develop wireless search business in 3G era. And, according to Baidu insiders, Robin has summoned the WAP team in an unprecedented way. It also fully illustrates the increasing importance of Baidu mobile internet. The mobile Internet is about to bring us the next 300 million Internet users.

5. avoid content.

Baidu has launched a financial channel with great fanfare and access to news licences. Known as marching into journalism. By the end of 08, however, Baidu had abandoned its content. Video, financial and other channels direct sale or outsourcing cooperation, to avoid doing their own content. Even powerful, such as Baidu is so, then an ordinary individual webmaster how to do?


or more is the five point I’ve been thinking of for a while. Baidu, of course, half a year

Sharing experiences of local tourism websites

I’m in a county in Luoyang, Luanchuan. The reason why we want to be a tourist website in Luanchuan is that we are the only county in Luanchuan with 6 national AAAA scenic spots. But, also won the national "tourism county" title. The "Luanchuan model" created by the government of our county to develop tourism in Luanchuan has also held a seminar in the Great Hall of the people. Moreover, the government has been the "county tourism" as a development strategy of our county planning and development. So, it can be said that our county’s tourism is very promising.

but in all walks of life increasingly today, more than a dozen large and small travel agencies, our county nearly ten star hotels and restaurants have an own website, only the Tourism Committee (seemingly is not the Tourism Bureau and Tourism Bureau, but the nature is a kind of) have a full of tourism policy and news the website, isn’t this a chance? This is so, I need! Began planning tourism website. Below the Luanchuan tourism network planning and site experience and share with you, I hope we can make common progress and exchanges.

number one is the domain name selection. I see the Baidu index, found from November to late February this off-season "Luanchuan tourism" index in 100, the season in 300, though not much, but this should be a more accurate customer. So, I choose the domain name, though a bit long, but consider the Pinyin input query, and it is easy to remember, is the "Luanchuan tourism" in pinyin, so chose the domain name.

second is the choice of the site program. Because I have built a local SNS website Luanchuan with UCHOME, so I am familiar with and familiar with Kang Sheng, and I chose SS. The site was launched in January. But I feel that this procedure can not meet my needs (mainly their level of restrictions, in my sweat!), can only be used to display advertising, such as, the profit model can only be advertising this one, so I have been looking for other programs. Of course, now I can not in this site optimization, but also the basic update ten days to update a state, now search "Luanchuan tourism" into the Baidu fourteenth, Google tenth, search for "Luanchuan tourism network" in the home page, it was an accident. Fortunately, recently finally found a more suitable way I program is php68, the more simple, and the main system comes with the "online booking" and "mall model", this is I have been to. With this function you can implement the Luanchuan tourist routes, tourist accommodation and tourism Luanchuan Luanchuan online specialty booking and purchase, so this website in addition to advertising, you can also have an online sales profit model. I think this is the most important thing for our webmaster. Now, it has been completely modified, and has bound the domain name, just upload the content to fill

Personal webmaster seriously treat each of your web site

for personal Adsense, generally not only have a station. Dream Sylvia Baidu, suddenly dim. There is always a searching and constantly choice experience. Rather than a few of the formidable technical staff and investors, the start has a clear direction, a clear field. For us, we need some quick flow to make ends meet. We are always chasing all kinds of fresh hot spots.


, stationmaster website has an article "do station seven years, brought me 400 thousand only."". This is a good result, if you stand 7 years, only maintained seven years of livelihood, and still nothing, it is so sad. Since the expansion of college enrollment, a large number of college students have become employment difficulties. Under the unemployment wave, a domain name plus one hundred or two hundred space, such a low threshold, so that the individual station has become a route of retreat for many unemployed people. But when you have done personal webmaster for many years, can not help asking: "personal webmaster retreat where again?"

under the net, you have a sales, can become the next sales work qualifications. But personal Adsense experience, but not how many companies will recognize. In fact, your ability and may not meet many related job requirements, art design, program estimates are half baked?. And the estimate of recruiting operations is even worse.

believes that individual owners should have modern long-term life planning: a station? Or a pen can start a business in the capital? Present opinion, individual owners of the basic survival is very weak. In the near future, copyright issues, taxes, and free professional supervision will shock us. So you can’t make it a day, and make some money today, so you can always go on like this.

we should have a long-term goal, and then keep trying to get close to our goals. We should make every website more valuable, not for visitors, but for ourselves. How to promote, how to optimize, how to contact the enterprise under the net, come up with their own methods. To do, hammer into their own ability.

besides, we should get more from the website. A field of interest, such as calligraphy, such as Handmade, the station made a name card of its own, as a communication link between friends and. In turn, enrich your web site by using resources from the same lovers on the web. Some personal Adsense, to learn their own SEO, learning operation planning experience written blog day after day, these are real accumulation. Several of these blogs can be upgraded to a skilled station. Write well and make some books. Making a website of its own character may make some people dislike it, but it will make those who approve of you like it better.

personally, I’m a technical newbie. So I am more concerned about the content construction of the website. No matter what station, I will look at the relevant content, the update is also. Only by knowing a field can you send out what you need right now

Website how to break the ice point thinking to achieve benign development

face-to-face communication is more conducive to the development of the website, from the beginning of the man-machine communication to machine communication is the progress of science and technology, and the Internet industry is also so, from the perspective of the development of the network, make the website content through the most appropriate way to show in front of users is very important, namely the breakthrough freezing distance makes soft site show in front of the user, this is one of the direction of development of the Internet, the webmaster can do is through his best to make the website to show with the most appropriate way.

now throughout the site, many sites are to rely on advertising revenue, but the change by users to change the interest, on charges for profit, and these sites occupy the Internet site provides some half of the country, is a pure service, and the site of the station is also at any time in the tangle yourself if you can stick to it, you Internet development degree should be changed to site service, the author talk about how to break through the freezing point distance makes the website tender fully demonstrated in front of the user.

one, change the view angle, adjust the website structure and page

website structure and website to attract users of the most key indicator is the web site pages, web structure and page good not only can help the website to obtain the user’s support, but also to spider crawling search, let the spider to get more benefits for web crawling in. The webmaster should be to adjust the structure of many simple structure, the complex adjustment of the page as simple pages, so that the whole site filled with simple and generous tide, so that the user can find the content they need for the first time on entering the site, caused increased from PV, to bring real traffic to your site.

two, highlighting features, so that web sites and features blend

no matter what type of site, as long as you are not ctrl+c and ctrl+v so your site should have its own characteristics, the website should combine these features and characteristics of emotion content to web site integration, will be the site of the best content fully displayed in front of the user, it can ensure that the first time users came to the site in view of the site is characteristic and attract, the website can be user support to move forward, but in the process of the combination of features and scene site in Webmaster attention must be paid to the scene correspondingly, pens see many site scene too exaggerated, and the real echoes, this site also do not have the reference value.

three, improve the quality of service, so that services meet the user

The word "

" has been used in the service of public utilities, in fact, the Internet site also need to improve the service quality, service quality, customer service site before the site of the advisory service quality, the service quality of customer service site is to improve the quality of service of content owners can consider strengthening the training and customer service website the customer service service, enhance the quality of service points to help meet the basic needs of users, many users on the network on time

The importance of moderators in community forums

Due to the recent

doing my city community promotion work, so on this little community forum a little more understanding, many people say that online moderators are very important to the community forum, a sentence is " as also defeated the moderator, moderator ". It can be seen that the moderators are so important to the community forum.

let’s talk about the main job of the moderator first. The moderator is the leader and designer of the page, which determines the location and style of the page. Moderators through their posting, post, affecting the layout of the atmosphere. Recommend excellent posts in various ways to guide the orientation of the forum. The moderator is the "cleaner" and "security" of the community forum, responsible for the "clean sanitation" and normal order of the layout. They remove the irrigation stickers, advertising stickers, stickers affixed to the bad information, illegal activities of Internet users in the layout specification; in violation of the rules; punishment behavior; moderator is the layout of the "owners committee", responsible for the users to carry out various activities and act as the organizer and the waiter role, to gather popularity etc..

then talk about their importance.

1, improve the forum moderator popularity, through their own post or post, and the member driven positive post and reply to increase the popularity of the piece, this is very important, as a community forum knows, engage in popularity need experienced moderators, they generally have their own way to raise popularity. So my city thinks community forum popularity is good and bad, have very big relation with moderator.

2, community forum moderator development direction, through a variety of ways to recommend good posts, the members want to own a good post post, this talent will be more, you will have a sense of superiority, so members will go on to see what kind of moderator, moderator of the post love. As time passes, the direction of the forum will change accordingly, and in the end it will affect the content and direction of the community forum.

3, the urban community forum, said the moderator is the image of the city, they have to maintain their health this section " " " and " order; and no moderator, that this forum will flood posts, advertising stickers, stickers, illegal illegal information posts are everywhere, the impact is very bad for members, will make the member tired. The moderator role management, can be very good to members, so that they have a feeling of home in the community forum.

4, the organizer of the activities, the development of the community forum can not be separated from activities, activities generally line up and offline activities, activities can not be separated from organizers and service providers, at this time moderators will play this role. To do the activities of members are satisfied, full of sound and colour, such members naturally stay. At the same time, activities also enhance the atmosphere and interaction.

, if the moderators of a community forum play these roles well, they contribute a lot to the community forum, which is called "in version"

New pattern of international logistics industry

with China joined WTO international logistics this new name from us more and more strange, the international logistics industry in the future will become a new industry chain, since the state of the international logistics company to join the threshold on the low, and the line is profitable. Therefore, a great variety of international logistics companies have appeared in front of people. Simple two people, a car, a table is an international logistics company, backward thinking way, the result is small companies become big fish. Law of the jungle has become a trend of the current. Small companies are often for survival, looking for business everywhere, looking for sources of goods, looking for tourists. Marketing advertising up, do not say, but also can not find customers, made a real prince to read the kind of company. Today, 35 companies are closed and 35 companies will be opened tomorrow.


information in the future development of international logistics industry will become more and more important to reduce operating costs, including the cost of the media, publicity costs, labor costs, communication costs, the cost of these costs is essential for inertia, daily work, only to reduce unnecessary costs, to achieve a profit. Advertising costs, the service industry can imagine the effect of the media, in addition to some newspapers and small ads, some yellow pages of print ads, as well as some of the ads on the site. Insist on the type of service, or varieties as advertising, the effect must be greatly discounted. Publicity costs, publicity everywhere, on the site to do reviews, exhibitions do publicity, promotion, the effect of the general publicity of the region is not right, unreasonable, are the key to publicity. In order to manpower cost, an international logistics project investment cost is often the highest, you might say that man is not unusual in China, because too many people, the cost is very low, but the waste of manpower cost, that is the most terrible, originally two people a day can be done. The result of three people two days to finish, that more than one day, can do many other things, such as find a business. Communication costs, but also caused a lot of waste, for an order, constantly communicate, constantly modify their respective documents, resulting in a waste of time, ineffective communication. And missed other clients, too. The cost of inertia is the most neglected thing in a company. Why do you say that? Because it takes a month to get a single order from a customer at an inertial cost. So.

wants to reduce these costs, for a company is a big win. To catch on the road, looking for potential customers to enhance the ability of some companies to find potential customers without direction, are often released some information on the site, or to find the third international logistics outsourcing company like, the information on the customer really works well, it is some useless information. Or outdated information, the information needs to be timely, effective, safe and accurate. These are valuable to customers, but these are for each other in

networking has not been able to do so. Because the Internet itself is a virtual thing for customers. Integration and deployment of resources in the international logistics industry >

The wolf is coming. What should we do

08 years, I do not know is for the games, or Chinese has been more enthusiastic about the number 8 (primary) game, the industry seems quite fire, the online recruitment industry of course is the same, and there is fierce competition in this field is not sold on the battlefield, let us look at the region recruitment website how to survive.

a year ago in the online recruitment industry emerged like bamboo shoots after a spring rain like, experienced the development of last year’s regional scale and mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, the site issued by the strength in the first half of the 08 years and only a few months later, ushered in the 3 largest online recruitment giant regional business development impact. In the face of a strong coverage of 3 recruitment sites, just a foothold in their recruitment website, how to deal with


‘s online mass market is largely dominated by the big three, which have a large pool of talent and enterprise databases, and high-end (headhunters), mid and low-end markets. In June,’s business has been fully covered in the prefecture level cities. Enterprise free registration, registration will send 2000 yuan of network recruitment products, in as long as six months time using Zhaopin website for free recruitment. And give 07 years salary survey report and related professional human resources magazine.

in the face of such strong coverage, we paid to the recruitment website in the core area of products, brand image, product added value and quick upgrade, forming obvious competitiveness to consolidate market share and open up new markets, it is more realistic and will soon face the problem, the following is our little experience in the process of operation provide share, there are different opinions welcome communication: Xuzhou talent nets

first in the core products and services, strengthen the original marketing team, improve the team’s comprehensive level, let everyone become a human resources professional, facing the problems put forward by enterprise can quickly give constructive comments and suggestions, to become the enterprise human resources consultant.

The upgrading of

products, a single product advantage to expand the diversification of products and services, to meet the practical needs of the development of enterprise products, so that enterprises in the pay at the same time not only enjoy the recruitment information, more companies may be more willing to allow customers to see their products.

brand building, analysis of the existing industry positions and job seekers industry distribution of data, as well as the industry salary situation, publish authoritative data, through a series of activities to enhance the brand image, to create a good reputation in the original enterprise fully spread, more enterprises trust and support. (ultimately supported by product services)

to provide more valuable services, according to different conditions, take full advantage of "perfect" has a firm believe in a certain market share in the local recruitment site according to their own situation to make the appropriate adjustments, constantly improve ourselves, but in the new round of competition. "

Webmasters should be good at taking chances from Internet disputes

‘s recent Internet has become more active. As a result of the well-known reasons, the rapid development of 360 has gradually started some friction and collisions between Tencent and related products. In 360 the promotion and marketing style, a vital choice to combat opponents, thus providing an excellent opportunity for their expansion and the excuse is the best choice, this time he chose to attack the Tencent privacy scan to users, which triggered the emerging Internet giants of the old giant challenge, this event recently become to calm the raise a Babel of criticism of the Internet, they added a new dirt. Then, on their own alone as grassroots webmaster, will only play and forget. It is called: "amateurs watch the bustle, experts see doorways."". Grass roots webmasters find more opportunities after this argument, and turn these opportunities into tools to bring their own flow or income.

one, pay close attention to and understand the dynamic

recently, the Internet giant struggle between the "war" once opened, then a short period of time will not end quickly, so it provides us with the opportunity for quite a long period of time available. But because of the characteristics in 360 propaganda is will rally, which related to the Internet "dispute" often burst out of dirt, these revelations are often very suddenly, there are many unexpected things. For example, the 360 of Tencent QQ to monitor a user’s computer, or to alleged violations of user privacy, even specially developed for privacy protection software specifically for QQ and MSN software to monitor behavior, people can not help but feel a fierce battle after this fight. Similar to the latest situation, want to use these as grassroots webmaster bring traffic to your website, must understand and master the latest progress in the first time, and this is the most basic point to take advantage of these opportunities to create flow station must do.

two, prediction key words, early layout flow source.

above said the first point is that the webmaster wants to use this opportunity to do the basic requirements, and want to get as much traffic as possible, you need the webmaster early layout. This requires the use of all the current dispute about news, especially some similar to the "rumors" message to explore, such as the "uninstall 360 send Q coins" rumors, although this rumor may be false, but it is precisely because of the uncertainty for the owners to take advantage of this opportunity to provide condition. Therefore, you can explore a lot of similar rumors, in advance of keywords or long tail keywords prediction, and in the web site editing, publishing related articles, so as to prepare for the layout in advance. Then the weight and the website links easier to search engines using the chain SEO method, the weight of the site itself has a good ranking, getting traffic from search engine to search relevant keywords in others.

three, making special topics, covering the latest trends to review