I love Shanghai to speed up the network that included stones

the past many predecessors experience teach us how to speed up the collection, love Shanghai posting, link, submission, chain and so on some methods, here I want to tell you one of the most simple method, that is to skip over all the details, as long as a trick: to release the soft high weights of the station, is so simple, I a station, just released a soft article the next day included my home page, which I recommend is Admin5, indeed, Admin5 is one of the best places to attract the love of spiders in Shanghai, compared to also have a lot of high weight website, I suggest here is Admin5, this is my the real collection method, just a day included my station, there are a lot of friends and above all that data. To love Shanghai included entrance to submit your site, this is a really effective method, but is to attract the spider crawling your content to review your site, accept the inspection of love in Shanghai, Admin5 and other high weight site posted on your information, is undoubtedly a strong chain as we all know, the role of the chain, content is king, the chain for the emperor’s heart is not nonsense, while Admin5 is a cluster of webmasters treasure, there are a lot of original content, is the portrayal of the webmaster experience, on the one hand is the base for learning another station acquisition Admin5 article so, also give you increased the chain, the chain as easy as blowing off dust can bring more for themselves, attract spider.

put aside all the tutorials, put aside the so-called Shanghai dragon is the cumulative wise remark of an experienced person, their own experience, for this trick, I and my friends off.

at the same time, suggest the webmaster can also in the other station will continue to publish your article, this is the method of auxiliary course.

third: love Shanghai blog is very effective, many here recommend using similar to Sina, and other blog, of course, is also good, but personally feel that love Shanghai blog is very good. Love will love their products in Shanghai.

love Shanghai experienced the reform again and again, until now is still love Shanghai every week to visit a new station, a new station is every Thursday I suffer crawling spider love Shanghai, included several articles, is no longer the update snapshot, this disadvantage is new, but to this, after more than a month, the new station again on the line. A few days before the registration of the domain name, then do the preparatory work, launched a. Here I want to say about the simplest methods included simple.

many webmaster do stand the most trouble included is a website, which included home is from the beginning, a website even no home page, when users search for the nature without your site information, after a period of study, see not hundreds of articles, but these articles is the experience of predecessors, as a rookie I dare not say what a man of experience, it will be up, oh, a joke. Please don’t mind.

Modify the site title to have influence ranking really


The website

from the two images can be seen in the site inside or slightly modified, but there is no what content, but the website will not be actually love Shanghai right down, but was ranked in the home page, really think impassability.



can be seen from the figure, the site’s title and description (as of November 1st before no screenshot) is:



this morning and then I see in the screenshot, screenshot of it before November 1st. The following figure:


webmaster should know the love of Shanghai is sensitive to the title and description of the website, if the owners do not pay attention to a website title and description will be modified, love Shanghai punishment right down, even the risk of K. But today I see a website without the occurrence of such a situation, it is because of the love of Shanghai recently updated more frequently, to ignore this aspect. I fell in love with the sea search keywords: Shanghai Shanghai dragon, but the station is in the home, really Speechless. See below:

Description: hosting account: admin Password: Verification Code:


This is my

content is this morning the screenshot below we look at the screenshot in November 1st:

Title: host management system

love Shanghai is included 1, trans is 630, this website love Shanghai unexpectedly to open Easy Access, and this love sea expressly made website should be rich in content, the user experience is high, website content relevance stronger, these points, this station a are not accounted for, do not know what is the situation, as does anyone know, can communicate with me by 贵族宝贝jnsino贵族宝贝 editor, please indicate the

where he fell in love with the sea and even included anti, map:

look at today’s title and Description:


is a website to modify the title is not like the Internet that will be drop right or K stand, because the weight of the websites of some very high site, modify the title and description of what is basically no effect. But let us have a look inside the contents of this website, below:

We are in

Optimization is the user experience Say my heart is how the Shanghai Dragon

from the 09 year officially resigned from the envy of all civil servants at work, directly into the industry in. In resigning, many of my friends have said do not understand very much to me, a high salary to work undone, why choose the webmaster of this industry? This is my personal character so, perhaps watching martial arts movies, let your heart be the dream of rekindling worship. Anyway, after more than two years of bumps, now officially halted in this industry. Which also thanks to a few good friends without help, one little mo (friend) is he brought me into this industry. Good to come to the point, after two years of practical optimization, individuals also have some understanding of their own for the optimization of course for Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon this tool, many owners will regard it as the only tool for ranking, in fact I think, little Shanghai dragon, the website can also be optimized successfully, is not no Shanghai dragon the site, can not live, the key to seriously, Shanghai dragon is only some contents of website promotion tools, only the factors affecting the site development, it is the user experience.

many people think Shanghai is dragon ranking sites, Shanghai to dragon of optimization is to increase the rankings, which can get more traffic from the search engine. However, we temporarily on the website ranking for the ultimate goal to see Shanghai dragon complaining about other webmaster. Every day in the A5 Zatan forum and the Q & a section, often see some Adsense asked how to do in order to enhance the Shanghai dragon rankings. In fact, such postings webmaster subconscious put Shanghai dragon as the only way to enhance the website ranking, there is a kind of improved ranking method in addition to outside Shanghai dragon does not believe that other don’t think other methods can do. The result is this? In the optimization version of the guide, we can see that there is that, for the optimization of the ranking site will be punished, and the rank as Shanghai Longfeng site is not the ultimate goal for ranking of Shanghai dragon optimization? Large flow and low conversion rate site example I use ten fingers to count, some specifically for Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon master, for example, now more fire is to optimize the keywords of Shanghai dragon type, usually, very many sites is the use of blog to do Shanghai dragon type site, regardless of whether the is the title, keywords, description or label or elsewhere published articles promotion, will use special love Moumou Shanghai Longfeng and similar words on behalf of his pen Who has a wish to Shanghai dragon the word mosaic to each of their blood vessels. In fact, this is Shanghai dragon played by webmaster, often report appears to be useful, in fact very theoretical knowledge across to the other webmasters. The author believes that one knows not to be playing Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon playing webmaster, certainly not all publicity is Moumou Shanghai dragon, just like before, the author met a self proclaimed buy program >

Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform add welfare website to verify the upgrade

site? The

two, how to verify your

is currently the site to verify the three ways: document verification, verification and validation of CNAME HTML tags.

2, validation information is not expired in May 30th after the new verification or re verification of the website, the authentication information will not expire.

1.: you need to download the file verification validation file, upload the file to your server, placed in the root directory of the domain name.

2.html tag verification: the tag and tag HTML tag added to the web page HTML code.

1, support batch add sub station: in the main website has been verified under the condition of batch add sub site, no need to re verify the quick view data sub station.

3.CNAME verification: you need to log domain provider or hosting provider’s Web site, add a new DNS record.

address: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/wiki/182


is pleased to inform you, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform website to verify new upgrade, after the upgrade will provide three types of authentication for the webmaster, and has been verified in main website case, batch add the corresponding sub station, no need to verify the convenient website administrator quick access to the sub station data. And in May 30th after the new verification or re verification of the website, the authentication information will not expire, eliminate the webmaster repeated verification site trouble, help site operators.

but today love Shanghai Webmaster Platform good news – site verification – no upgrade expired & support batch add sub station

, a website to add validation

tool to upgrade highlights:

users love Shanghai statistics< >

all the webmaster,

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform before personal site verification process feel somewhat cumbersome, and verify the information time limit, over time will expire, this is not without any program foundation of Shanghai dragon, is indeed a very headache, such as pen is in the verification (killing machine 贵族宝贝mieshuqi贵族宝贝) when this website and because of network problems, leads to the authentication information expired, had to brave again again.

Webmaster Platform master (add recommend Adsense links to websites you may use WWW and non www two web site, users can access the real suggest to add to the URL), add and verify, can prove that you are the owner of the domain name, can quick batch add sub site, view all sub station data, without then one by one to verify your site.

Junior high school graduate from 800 yuan to 16 billion 800 million Austrian flying entertainment, C

undeniably, some sites targeted traffic is relatively poor, consumption is low, or that the quality of traffic is not high. Site sales conversion rate can be different, but if there is considerable traffic, but only in exchange for between a small number of website alliance, the appropriate income is not found, it must be a problem. For example, the railway station is usually a big traffic place, and the people in the railway station don’t go shopping. To open stores in the train station, the large amount of traffic ordinarily is relatively low quality of traffic. In fact, such a huge flow of shops, will not sell anything. The key is to find out what these people need. They don’t need to buy cell phone TV, but they probably need to buy a lunch drink.

no fancy resume, no great life, no more enviable degree, Cai Dongqing who is on the generation of some coastal entrepreneurs obvious style: low-key, pragmatic, wisdom, tenacity, flexibility.

‘s delight is that Cai Dongqing has turned every failure into a better turn of success. As a result, he often calls himself the "winner of the failure."".

makes a lot of people curious is, a junior high school graduation, the level of education is not high young man is how to become a cultural industry listed company’s head,



because most of the neighbors are producing small speakers, so after the start, Cai Dongqing is pondering, such as >


these workshops are small and poorly equipped, but some of the products they produce are very marketable. Cai Dongqing was tempted. He thought he could follow suit, and I could do it if anyone else could.

fiddled West borrowed 800 yuan, Cai Dongqing bought a vintage casting machine, using artificial hand pressure to complete the operation. What to produce, Cai Dongqing also has a target: plastic trumpet. This is a can blow out the sound of the toy, suitable for young children.

Abstract: in September 10, 2009, Austrian flying animation "Chinese animation first stock" halo listed successfully. After the listing, Cai Dongqing has become a billionaire, 2012 Forbes China rich list, Cai Dongqing to 4 billion 300 million yuan net worth ranked 222nd rich list, and in 2015 last year to 16 billion 830 million yuan in the rich list of seventy-second.

can also use this thinking on the web site. Your website user may not come to your website with the goal of shopping, but watch news, play games, chat and get together. That doesn’t mean you can’t sell targeted products to them. The product you want to sell is not necessarily the product directly related to your site, but rather the product your user base may need.


, for example, assume that your website is just a fan club, and that users are young fans with little spending power. Obviously they don’t come to buy things, they are chasing stars, killing time and watching gossip.

1969, Cai Dongqing was born in an ordinary peasant family, parents are honest crops, grandfather in early years in Singapore production, after returning home to farming. In the early 70s, Cai Dongqing’s two brothers were born, and the family lived on their parents and worked in the fields. It’s been a tough day.

on the Internet, traffic is a treasure. There are traffic will have the eye, there will be the target market. It can be said that there must be revenue flow. If your site has a lot of traffic, but did not produce the proper benefits, it must be in the website planning and profit model problems.

in the middle of 80s, the land of Chaoshan has blown the wind of reform. It is only the west gate of Chenghai and the nearby management area of Cai Dongqing. There are many family handicraft workshops producing plastic toys and plastic products.

then these people besides time, there is no other demand? Since they Starchaser, there may sell out of print CD to them, Autographed posters, CD, T-shirt? There is no possible souvenir exchange organization between members, owners as intermediary commission? Is it possible to get in touch with the star, get some souvenirs the special significance of the meeting, or organization? If your website has become an important base in the local fans, these stars and brokerage companies are generally not dare to offend. There may be a small studio, to help fans make professional CD, even MTV

authentic baby farm, to $16 billion 830 million 2015 Forbes rankings data unit: RMB of the rich, the first anime shares, Austrian flying animation chairman Cai Dongqing’s experience is legendary, it can be said, is a typical entrepreneur China coastal fighting history.

in 1986, Cai Dongqing graduated from junior high school, faced with the choice, is to continue reading, or to help the family to lift the burden of life. It’s a choice. In fact, there is no other choice. The book has no money to read, and Cai Dongqing, 17, is looking for something that suits him.

many webmaster confusion is, there is traffic, but can not be converted into income. When talking about internet marketing, many people focus on how to get traffic. But some websites worry is, with traffic, how to produce benefits?

, for example, your website is the BMW forum, and you probably don’t have much chance of selling BMW cars or accessories directly to them. But these people who love BMW cars will need a lot of other things to choose from. Credit cards, club memberships, golf equipment, tickets, luxury tours, etc.. These can be your income points.

produces "trumpet speaker",

what I said above is only limited to "direct pursuit with stars"

My friends, your website is built for users


in fact, do you think? Even if you through the chain, chain, and even Shanghai Longfeng optimization technology, caters to the search spiders, get high quality web pages included, rankings, although this result is not likely, I will suppose it has become a fact, right through the user search keywords determined to enter your site, but the fly again, but could not find what they want to know the content, or even can not fundamentally solve the problem of search to him, do you think he will stay to bring effective flow conversion rate? You want to get the so-called "dead" the flow of it, I think certainly not. If we return to the purpose of the site, to work on site specific user groups to provide available, go to the station and to solve particular problems as user attitude, I believe that in time you outside of the chain will be imperceptibly.

" " webmaster tools; for webmasters and Shanghai dragon ER who is familiar, the domestic famous Webmaster Platform have also launched their own webmaster tools to meet the needs and services platform members, such as: A5 Webmaster Platform, Shanghai dragon WHY, love station etc.. Webmaster tools are designed mainly to help individual stationmaster and Shanghai dragon ER observation and analysis of the website included snapshot and website ranking, the tool Shanghai dragon ER and personal webmaster can easily check their website ranking, and included snapshot, but also can research and analyze competitor website, found outside the chain of resources, reference rival practices, to go beyond the opponent, it is because of this webmaster tools has become a natural webmaster and Shanghai dragon ER daily will be used for weapons, " " undeniable Webmaster Tools gave Shanghai Dragon Phoenix ER and personal webmaster provided a great help, but on the other hand also let most people lost the establishment of the direction, immersion and tangle in included, rankings and snapshots of the issue, perhaps it is for this reason that Webmaster Platform appeared in " The sea contains my home, why has not included my pages? " complain of sorts, because all day in the frequent use of tools to view the site, but the tool feedback results had never changed, for the novice ER and Shanghai Longfeng station is concerned, this is undoubtedly a kind of inexplicable blow this! I feel personally experienced, in pain, I also not only this dissertation chatter without stop, today, ask the struggle in a line of webmaster friends: "webmaster friends, your website is built for whom "

of our daily non-stop love Shanghai Shanghai dragon optimization technology, the pursuit of the pyramid site keywords layout, a website structure redesign and optimization, even at the black hat rush into danger for search engine optimization techniques in Shanghai Longfeng site, but inadvertently have ignored the construction of the actual content of the site, you do website positioning users simply search spiders? Shouldn’t you stop, take time to ask yourself "what is the site who built "


Interpretation what is Shanghai dragon

love Shanghai Encyclopedia of Shanghai Longfeng commentary: Shanghai Dragon (Search Engine Optimization): Chinese translation for search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is a method to improve the website in the relevant search engine within the natural ranking of the current way of using search engine rules. Objective to understand the Shanghai dragon is to provide ecological type of self marketing solutions for the site, let site occupies a leading position in the industry, and obtain the brand gains; Shanghai Longfeng contains two stations outside Shanghai station and Shanghai dragon dragon; Shanghai dragon refers to in order to get more free traffic from search engines, reasonable planning from the website structure, content construction scheme, user interactive communication, page view, make the site more suitable for search engine indexing principles of behavior; make the site more suitable for search engine indexing principle is also known as search engine friendly, search engine friendly can not only improve the effect of Shanghai dragon, will make the search related websites engine information display more attractive to users.

What is the essence of Shanghai dragon?

of Shanghai dragon?

think this is to see the white girl, if you are the leader, this interpretation is suitable for you, because it tells you how to get free traffic. If you are Shanghai dragon Er, this is the flicker, because you already know. Seven days is not long nor short, why should I sign off NH? Why? Is not my starting point is wrong? No matter is the starting point of a blog or website is wrong? What exactly is the Shanghai dragon. Please see below:

?What is the

[] what is the introduction of Shanghai Dragon Girl? Sign off for seven days, encounter a lot of things, the site was K, ranking off. Did not find the reasons, began to confusion, that he was in no mood to take care of this blog, feel shy, everybody! In the seven days since the girl has been thinking about what to do, Shanghai dragon. It has been asked what is the Shanghai dragon

a lot of things, through the baptism of time, the nature of the slowly deteriorated. When the search engine appears, Shanghai dragon also appeared accordingly, at that time, why is Shanghai dragon, nobody knows, just know some content to the Internet, then the ranking is easy. The time we have catalytic Shanghai dragon, consciousness, copy the content, cause a lot of waste network. The search engine also slowly began to science, it began to have their own algorithms, on content or the chain with the new algorithm, Shanghai dragon has been deteriorating. What is the essence of Shanghai dragon, girl suddenly understand this, return to nature: Shanghai dragon is equal to help people, improve people’s knowledge base, convenient life, this is the essence of. People desire for knowledge, but find much the same content on the web, there are those who do not know is true, why an audit is more strict, love Shanghai know more and more difficult to do. Shanghai Longfeng starting point already went astray, utilitarian heart is too strong. The contents of the user > useless

Intelligent search engine optimization will become the mainstream direction in advance

is the last to know how to give up to optimize the habits of the past, because for the majority of Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel, when a thing very skilled, it is easy to form inert, when to get a new website to optimize, easy to use once successful optimization methods, such as the increase in the number of the chain the site, a collection of web content, and even the establishment of sprocket way to accelerate weight transfer, in the intelligent search engine optimization, it has certain opportunistic need to give up completely, in the optimization work to the mind to.


from the continuous adjustment of Google and other search engines love Shanghai in recent days algorithm, whether it is the primary stage of mobile Internet voice search on the Internet or traditional search has entered the intelligent search, intelligent search has become the future development trend of the search, but also the major search engines to a breakthrough in the direction of a series of intelligent Google launched from the current development of technology of search mode still has a leading position in technology, but in the Chinese search, love Shanghai’s dominance is still difficult to shake, but whether it is love or in Shanghai or Google, intelligent search, search engine optimization is still not significance. This may let the industry feel a bit confused.

is the first link optimization, the past that link to completely abandon the sale, instead of natural construction, in addition to write excellent articles to other websites, they have released some useful content to other sites, of course, these contents not only to the release site and also associated with its own import site has correlation, outside this chain can only be recognized by the search engine, in this context, it should pay more attention to the quality of link optimization.

optimization expert Wang Tong famous exposition, although the search engine has intelligence, but from some of the details can not be so comprehensive, but these details will be optimized staff direction, intelligent search and optimization of excellent Shanghai Longfeng staff work together to maximize the user’s search experience, so from the point of view of the future even if the search engine has been realized intelligent optimization for Shanghai dragon staff, is very important. So in the intelligent search engine, Shanghai dragon optimization personnel should be from the aspects of optimization of

But from the

is the user experience, the intelligent search engine for the user experience of the website become more demanding, search engines do not only pay attention to the content of the site quality, but also pay attention to the number of loyal users, web structure, chain optimization and web page layout and function, and the search engine can according to the analysis of website user bounce rate experience, website optimization at this time should pay more attention to attract users to stay, then let the traffic comes in as much as possible, don’t jump so fast, the site’s home page design and creative, advertising content and advertising content to the user, so that it can improve the dwell time of the web page, that is to say is better user experience.


New station to love Shanghai normal included out of the sandbox

!As a new

blog. Registered some high weight website space (such as the Shanghai love space, Sina blog, blog, blog and other Sohu NetEase). A blog takes a long time to take effect, so we should stick to update the blog content for your blog included as soon as possible. Generally speaking, create love Shanghai space within a few days can be included. I love Shanghai to space is a registered a year ago, at present has not yet been included, think to let yourself be included space also need some skills, such as registration, love Shanghai space trumpet to reproduced and commented on his article, I was in love with the sea in this way included, everyone you can try the next time. You can create a new station with their web related love Shanghai in space and space, add some articles and attach their site. Love in Shanghai included space will also find links to your site. Through this process, about a week or so can be included in the love of Shanghai. The station on the line for five days, the home is love Shanghai included.

both the novice webmaster or Shanghai Phoenix veteran, and solve the problems encountered are always each Shanghai dragon do things every day, the author is the first station of the novice webmaster today to share your new station to be included in Shanghai normal love out of the sandbox. We all know that all the new line will enter Shanghai love sandbox, he is the audit for a period of time, this time will only love Shanghai included in the new page and the content page has not been included, to share the love of Shanghai railway station is normal included today, refers to the site of all web pages, including all pages. Do the webmaster all know a new station on the line, the first goal is to let the love of Shanghai included the home page, the second goal is to make the inside pages included in the site only love Shanghai, love Shanghai normal included your site, the site can talk about what keywords like, so to speed up the love of Shanghai included home became the first step in Shanghai dragon, how to make love in Shanghai included home? As long as do the following, within a week, the website will be collected

1, the first step is to love Shanghai to submit their own website address. (Shanghai: 贵族宝贝baidu贵族宝贝/search/url_submit.html love Baidu submission entrance)

2, go to the forum or Post Bar related links to your site cited love Shanghai spider to climb up your website, it is best to weight high BBS mix, using signature with your web site, the weight of the high general forum is the second, and the spider often in these high weight forum crawling in this forum, send you the URL, the spider will also make up to your site. This will speed up the home page. (love Shanghai Post Bar link has not been successful, one will be deleted, and heard in Shanghai’s own website Post Bar love may be considered spam, I am timid so did not dare to try);

4, Q & a platform post replies. Now many websites have a quiz platform, can go to the right.


More than 5 years of accumulation of Shanghai dragon let me understand adhere to the three Shanghai

Shanghai Dragon technology knowledge of the point more than 100, the core knowledge of several. We have to do is how to put these core knowledge into full play, I have the following suggestions:

Progress in the

second, the core technology of Shanghai Dragon

Exploration of The above is my

first, Knowledge has no limit., continuously improve the vision of

third, attention and study the marketing strategy of

1, Shanghai dragon basic skills, and not all of these knowledge used in the site, some sites because the program problem not all applications, we study Shanghai dragon based aim is try not to make mistakes such as the website, you can not do 301 jumps, but when the anchor text is to unify the preferred domain.

today a friend complained that Shanghai dragon’s hard work force, those things he said let me instantly recall the previous experience: daily write original, high weight platform to send the chain, stop screening content, make the greatest efforts to improve the ranking. Finally one day ranked in the home, the heart has always cannot calm, always worried about ranking fluctuations and the boss conversion rate, that time really feel Shanghai dragon is the most bitter in the world.

simply do not understand Shanghai Longfeng, marketing strategy, it is prone to the situation is the website ranking no conversion. The solution is to learn more about the marketing strategy, and then applied to the site, for example, if two sites the same two different products, one can cure, another can cure a disease, which one will you choose. This is a psychological category, do Shanghai dragon necessary to understand.


2, participate in industry technical discussion. Can go to the industry forum and QA system soak, see others in hate what problems, often these are the latest information, to our understanding of the dynamics of the industry is very helpful.

more than 5 years of Shanghai Longfeng experience accumulation, I believe that the above three do Shanghai dragon will become interesting. If one day you want to give up, please remember this sentence: "when you stay up."

era, the main social groups are changed, so people’s needs are changing, and love Shanghai rules change. We do not do well, only modest to learn, pay close attention to the social dynamic, understand human feelings, to understand what the user needs, and then the content of the site timely adjustments, or website ranking did not change, their confidence is a huge blow. There is an old saying, Knowledge has no limit. The sky, wide sea diving.

okay, time to Shanghai dragon third years of work, I have a deeper understanding of the Shanghai dragon, because one day no longer send outside the chain, I still have the ideal website ranking, this makes me feel good. No matter what the industry and work, there is a process of adaptation period, others do not dare to say, if you want to become Shanghai dragon fun, must adhere to the following three points: