Ganzhou City e-commerce incubator park opened on 11

Prime Minister Li Keqiang has called on the moment should increase investment, the Internet industry chain deployed to rural areas, in order to develop rural electricity supplier. Both into the field of electricity supplier sales of agricultural products, but also rich in rural areas of consumer choice.

11 11 July, Ganzhou City e-commerce incubator Park held the opening ceremony, Ganzhou Municipal Committee, vice mayor Sun Zhihong speech, Secretary of the Ruijin Municipal Committee, Economic Development Zone Party Committee Secretary Xu Rui, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee Wu Hong announced the opening speech. Chinese postal group branch company in Jiangxi province to promote rural e post office director Xu Xiaofeng, party secretary Hu Zhulin, Ganzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Chinese postal Group Corporation Ganzhou branch party secretary and general manager Luo Ligui, general manager of the group Alibaba Midwest region Xu Jian, flying wheat bare Group Chairman Liu Pengfei was invited to attend the event.

Chen Xiangshi and his wife sold the farm products monthly income of over million yuan – net

vast rural areas, there are a lot of specialty, however, how to sell these products, in fact, is the problem faced by countless farmers. And Chen Xiangshi couple relatively, but it is a successful guide. Early in the morning, in a farmhouse in Kaihua County of Quzhou Tong Village Du hang, the villagers Chen Xiangshi couple began to busy open.

wife Jin Gui began to burn straw ash, with boiling water brewing, Lek out of the brown water, lye to. Husband Chen Shi Tuzao phase to help put the fire to boil water, put on the steamer, scoop up a spoonful of rice covered with a layer of cooking…… This kind of life, the couple has become accustomed to each order to come, is the busiest time of the day.

Chen Shi GUI Chai and accounted for of the rural couples in Du hang has been a minor celebrity. Husband and wife used to rely on farming for a living, her husband Chen Shi Shi is a real farmer, his wife accounted for the country is a small local famous chef. "Usually we both husband and wife are at home to do farm work, life has not seen improvement. An accidental opportunity, a number of guests come to my home town to see the home with special purchases for the Spring Festival, native products, did not expect the city people especially love, it would be "stolen" light." Chen Xiangshi recalled, still fresh.

he will smell business opportunities, start a small business, selling sweet potato vermicelli, thousand layer cake, dumplings and other native salt water. The most popular is our home made a special layer of cake, it has a unique taste, not only to maintain the original taste of rice, as well as a hint of straw flavor, foreigners like to eat." For Guangxi Chai said with a smile, don’t look at parfaits with rice cake almost, its workmanship, material is more complex, light cooking process will need to spend most of the day, there is no fold pattern is an important standard to judge the Millefeuille is good.

just started, in fact, did not report much hope, as a sideline to do, customers are mostly relatives and friends introduced." Chen Xiangshi said, later fame spread, many customers come here, from one month to receive a list of half a month two or three list, now have their own suppliers.

"every time the phone call orders, my heart indescribably happy, near the county order no later than second days can be sent to the far point, we send by courier to the past." Chen Xiangshi said that from February last year, at least 3 orders per month. In addition to the supply of local farmers, but also the use of relatives and friends to sell some of the hotel in Jinhua, Yiwu and other cities.

gradually, sweet potato vermicelli, thousand layer cake, base dumpling…… These star local products have appeared on stage, out of the farmer’s table, into the city’s supermarkets and restaurants, to achieve a gorgeous turn, but also led the couple to get rich. "Although not every customer orders, a cooking parfaits will sell a 150 yuan, but we recommend to people in rural areas

Eastern energy to start the two venture education activities

innovation and entrepreneurship want to perform better, entrepreneurship education can not be ignored, do a good job of entrepreneurship education, innovation and entrepreneurship to enter a new impetus. Therefore, the Eastern energy to start the two venture situation task education activities.

In order to strengthen the cultivation of

rich carrier, highlighting the focus of education. The activities include four aspects: one is the content of education, study and implement the national power investment in 2016 work conference, the implementation of the Party group deployment; two is to seriously implement the spirit of the company "NPC and CPPCC", to ensure the completion of the annual task; three is to carry out "and culture" and "can · source of the cultural concept of publicity and education, strengthen the full responsibility with a sense of play.

around "two business" theme to carry out extensive writing, answer, speech, staff interviews, discussion, and rational proposals for labor competition activities; increase the intensity of news reports, the company website, newspapers, periodicals and other media set up the "open" two pioneering "new journey" column.

clear steps to promote the overall development of improved. Activities are divided into propaganda and mobilization, organization and implementation, summary and improvement of three stages. In order to ensure the effectiveness of activities, set up a leading group of the company’s activities, and a clear division of labor. Require all units adhere to the "action" and "optional" combination of well-designed activities of various activities, and actively carry out the task of education with the characteristics of the situation.

to close to the grassroots, close to reality, staff activities, the situation and tasks of education and safety management of production and operation of enterprise culture construction, combined with other main recommendation

Happy to play in children’s Park to join let you make money fast

happy to play children’s paradise? The best choice for children. At the same time, entrepreneurs choose to join the fun of playing the National Children’s Park project, open a happy to play their own children’s playground franchise, no doubt, died very wise choice.

now the country has opened a two child policy, so choose to join the fun of playing children’s paradise, is the right choice. The children’s Park as the main body of children’s consumption, of course, have great business opportunities and fun in children’s play, music, body, feeling, understanding were combined, and strive to provide the best service for the children play, the entertainment is very comprehensive, and advanced facilities, security is relatively good, is a very a reliable place to play.

happy to play children’s paradise?

parents are now mostly 80 and 90, so for the early education of children are more attention, in order to let the children win at the starting line, will spare no effort, fun Children’s paradise is their best choice. All projects are designed for children, from 3 to 12 years old, science and technology courses more comprehensive, creative, so that children develop a better depression.

happy to play in the children’s Park to join the project choice for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, no doubt, is a very good opportunity to choose. The healthy growth of children, is our best choice. Happy to play children’s paradise? Children play happy, parents more at ease!

Do you have a qualified optician

don’t look now the number of streets and lanes glasses shop is very large, can be seen everywhere such shops, business seems pretty good. However, as long as the relevant departments thorough investigation, in line with the requirements of the number of glasses is very limited, most of them are in a state of failure. So, your glasses shop qualified?

, according to media reports, recently Suzhou Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau of Suzhou Branch within the jurisdiction of the 5 shop to carry out sampling of quality glasses products, found a lot of problems, many glasses store not only the operation personnel qualification is not enough, it is not enough scientific optometry equipment. Experts said that if the quality of glasses problems, to say that the impact of small wear comfort, to the big said it would cause great harm to the eyes.

after the spot checks found that the biggest problem is that the glasses shop documents are not complete, and some of the glasses shop is only an intermediate optometry certificate does not match the work permit, and some glasses shop is simply no two cards. 90 skilled optometrist, dispensing work belongs to the state, must obtain the corresponding occupation qualification certificate to posts, but we found during the inspection, many glasses store and optometrist work with undocumented homework, or fail to meet the provisions of the state intermediate (four countries) above the occupation qualification. This will lead to the final production of glasses quality, such as degree of deviation.

here, Xiaobian remind you that everyone in the glasses, must choose to have intermediate and intermediate optometrist with work permit double glasses shop, but want to open shop entrepreneurs, but also must have the intermediate double certificate, and to learn the real glasses shop related technology, this kind of glasses shop it can continue to operate long-term.

if you are an operator of the optical shop, you want to sell glasses to make money, and in order to get more long-term development of your glasses store, in line with the relevant provisions of the country is a prerequisite. So, with the introduction of the above small series, if you run a glasses shop, your glasses shop qualified?

Seize the customer psychology of whole may from pet phrase

a lot of people will have a mantra, the owner in the process of communicating with customers will naturally involve a mantra. In short, in the daily operation of contact with customers, we often hear customers a variety of phrases, such as "others say", "I think", and so on. Faced with these languages, some shopkeepers do not care.

however, in my opinion, to some extent, can reflect a person’s psychological activities. If you can understand the different customers from different phrases or insight into their different psychology, according to the recommendation of goods, often allows customers to accept, thus contributing to business.

a few days ago, a female customer wants to buy a set of cosmetics from my store, I recommend to her a new product recently purchased. In the conversation, I found that she was very satisfied with the price, but has been in a very gentle tone to repeat a word: "OK?" At first glance, this sentence seems to be on the quality of goods is not assured, but I carey analyzed, I think the easy-going customer is just a lack of confidence in their own.

so I don’t have to talk about how to perfect the quality of the goods, but she said: "you see is a grade, strong minded people, usually must pay great attention to skin care cosmetics, to the knowledge understanding. This product is just listed, moisturizing effect is very good, very suitable for you such a neutral skin, and the price is not expensive." After listening to my words, the female customer immediately felt a sense of confidence, very readily bought this cosmetics. Later, she also introduced a friend to buy a set of the same product.

some customers like to say "almost", "no", "casual" and other phrases. Such customers generally shopping goals are not clear, not too assertive. Treatment of such customers, we must be sure that their vision and taste, so that customers feel that their products are suitable for their own. Like to say "heard", "others say", "maybe" and other phrases of the customer, is often a lack of confidence, then let him firmly believe that their choice is correct, and thus the purchase of goods.

will be really fun, really interesting as a mantra of the customer is more curious. At this time must seize their curiosity, so that they have a strong interest in commodities. In this way, they will naturally take the initiative. There are some customers like to say "no problem", "I think", "I think", such people tend to be confident in their choice. At this time, the best business to do is listen patiently.

a lot of shopkeepers will simply attach importance to the phrase, however, if you can pay enough attention to this aspect, it may be of considerable help to the development of business oh. So, do not just look at a small phrase phrase, customers do not buy goods, may be expressed in this mantra. If you are careful enough

China man big 240 million to buy Sydney Mansion

according to foreign media reports, the day before, a 27 year old man Chinese ho throw 240 million yuan to buy a house in Sydney. The transaction or will become the second highest trading volume in Sydney area housing transactions.

Lin (English name Jim) in more than six months after the search finally locked the landmark mansion built in 1920s Villa  Igiea. He recently graduated from Macquarie University (Macquarie  University).

however, to be determined after the final completion of the transaction amount of this transaction is second higher in the history of Sydney, only a wealthy Chinese last year for $70 million from the casino magnate Parker (James  Packer) a house bought.

But this is far from the

It is reported that

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All the chips are still cultivating market credit mechanism to be established

such an era, a wealth of opportunities to get a lot, how to grasp the need for vision. This is the best time for an entrepreneur, says Xu Xiaoping, who has been a hero for the first time. In such an era, the congregation raised as a new investment and financing channels and the bond between venture capital, efficient, people first, equality, nurturing more entrepreneurs. />

2016 Beijing merchants conference held in Changping District

wants to develop a regional economy, then investment is an essential means, but also to promote the rapid economic development of the media. In November 4th, sponsored by the Changping District people’s Government of Beijing City Council, Zhongguancun, Changping Science Park Management Committee, Investment Network hosted the new trend of new opportunities and new development — Changping District in the fall of 2016 investment projects exchange held in Beijing Changping District investment.

the meeting focused on interpretation of the Changping District investment environment and policies, the Zhongguancun science and Technology Park, Changping Park, 5 key enterprises of outstanding project promotion, more than 80 business representatives of the project matchmaking exchanges.

in the excellent project promotion, Changping District key enterprises "to help enterprises take off the single industrial park" "set up the bridge of communication between the enterprises and the government" "the new starting point for new opportunities for new development" and "focusing on Bio Medical Science and technology policy capital power development" theme in the introduction. Focus on the development of Changping District, Beijing, focusing on the development of the capital investment strategy, closely around the construction of sophisticated economic structure, promote the characteristics of its own industrial park investment projects.

addition, Julu Hebei Economic Development Zone Investment Environment in this county are described, pointed out that the five industrial machinery parts manufacturing, specialty food processing, furniture manufacturing industry, new energy, new medicine, textile and clothing as the focus of the introduction.

at the meeting, the representatives of more than 80 enterprises in Changping District investment intentions, plans to invest and investment project implementation problems in the process of the exchange, a number of enterprises expressed interest to negotiate investment projects in Changping District. At the end of the conference also visited the enterprise organization villa, Science Park, valley Shouke Zonta technology incubator.

it is reported that the meeting aims to build a professional interactive platform for the enterprise, the investor and the park, change extensive, free investment for the precision and standardization of investment, the trend of the three party in government, interpretation under the new normal market, enterprises to build a new eco business services enterprises.

Beijing developed very quickly, in a few years to support a number of industry enterprises, but also a number of new business opportunities. Changping District government leaders said at the meeting, Changping District welcomed the new enterprises settled, will be more and better investment projects settled in Changping District. Changping District will adhere to the concept of open and inclusive development, with a good investment environment and first-class government services, to create favorable conditions for the development of enterprises in Changping.

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People eat barbecue investment Kim Hanson says

you must have eaten a barbecue, but have you ever had a barbecue? With the characteristics of delicious food, always has a business opportunity, with the strength of choice. Small business choose to join the project to open a Kim Hanson barbecue, barbecue own Kim Hanson stores, market opportunities earned stop!

Kim Hanson barbecue investment money?

Kim Hanson has a strong barbecue catering management team, for our customers to create a very European leisure culture catering mode. Over the years, on the basis of pure European style Kim Hanson, devoted to the brand management, upgrading, barbecue products, package material research and development, technology innovation, and the existing more than 10 stores of effort and dedication to the vast number of consumers of pure German beer and Hansen new bbq. Kim Hanson barbecue beer culture pure European integration of the world environment, rich products, live band and high quality service, create value for customers feel Kim Hanson brought European beer leisure food culture,

Hansen beer brewing by German beer production of traditional Hansen manor, strictly abide by the German brewing method, saccharification with malt, without the use of accessories, do not add any additives, the temperature saccharification leaching saccharification fermentation using traditional method; the latest German purebred yeast, Hansen brewed beer after the launch, after tasting beer lovers think absolutely different from the market of beer, it inherited the traditional German beer flavor in beer is noble, the XO. beer Hansen fresh beer is rich in more than seventeen kinds of amino acids, of which the body must amino acid: eight is indispensable to human body and the human body can not be synthesized, but also contains more than eight kinds of vitamin B1B2B3B5B6B11VC in particular, vitamin B is seldom found in other food. Hansen fresh beer with light color, black, wheat beer three. The characteristics of Hansen’s ale: bodied yellowish green, Micro Foam white and delicate, lasting care, refreshing fragrance. Hansen fresh beer using wheat malt brewing, its characteristics are: unique color, rich foam, sweet wine, a drink. Hansen black beer is characterized by: the color is dark brown, -bodied wine, coke rich, pleasant taste.

in the South American barbecue barbecue Kim Hanson Brazil barbecue, Argentina barbecue, barbecue barbecue Chile and other South American countries in general, BBQ, sorting by bovine and porcine upper parts of meat, to the unique secret material package, after the fire roasted, tastes tender and delicious, unique flavor.

has long been a barbecue to join the project, has been very business opportunities, with a unique choice. Small business to choose Kim Hanson barbecue? Successful entrepreneurship is the right choice!