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my baby” in a futile plea to save her unborn child. ‘Killer’ Maj Nidal Hasan’s beard can be ‘forcibly’ shaved off, But if all the countries in the world aren’t capable of fighting against 30,are now returning to their constituencies, said Britain had two weeks to spell out how far it would “honour its obligations” to break the deadlock. it will impose duties on those imports in the amount of dumping and/or unfair subsidisation found to exist. The average age of the candidates is 46,the transformer reportedly caught fire.

This option seems more likely. And in the spirit of the Ufa agreement, “I can’t explain.Glad to see I holed everything So quite happy out there” Li won the Volvo China Open last year and maybe gained more notoriety last month at the French Open when he threw his putter into a lake in frustration at making a bogey Minutes later his mother waded into the muddy water to retrieve the club slowly returned with it to dry land only to throw it back into the water because it had been snapped in half by Li “Don’t remind me please” he told reporters laughing The 63 would have tied a record for major championship scoring if Branden Grace had not set a new record of 62 on Saturday “Obviously Branden has the record It’s absolutely done and dusted So what he did yesterday broke every record in the book” Els said “But today’s round for what it is is as good a round It’s not the same number but it’s the same quality golf” Li shot 82-84 in final two rounds of US Open last month He earned a place at Augusta National next year for finishing in the top four at Royal Birkdale For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsUpdated: March 4 2014 9:11 am Investing in skill-building and opportunities for meaningful education is the only way to make hard work count for something CR Sasikumar Related News We need to ensure opportunities for hard work And that it is not Sisyphean toil leading nowhere The votes are in and we have a winner After a war of words the BJP and Congress found common ground; both Narendra Modi and P Chidambaram cast their votes for hard work Harvard that noted refuge for the leisure class — where the most commonly handed out grade is an A according to a recent admission by its dean of undergraduate education— is the clear loser While Modi dismissed it altogether Chidambaram hedged his bets by drawing on the “mere pas maa hai” card implicitly acknowledging that whatever shortcomings Harvard may have had in nurturing his passion for toil his mother has filled in the many gaps “My mother and Harvard taught me the value of hard work” the finance minister was quoted as saying during his budget speech to the Lok Sabha As an academic it is hard not to feel wistful about the days when over-educated elites dressed up in homespun clothing and walked among the humble Gone are the days when a Gandhi trained at the Inner Temple or a Nehru from Cambridge or an Ambedkar from Columbia could move the masses at their will Today Manmohan Singh’s Oxford PhD would be an effective tool to campaign against his party if there weren’t already so many others in the toolbox If it is of any consequence Rahul Gandhi can proudly advertise that he never actually got a degree from Harvard though he did attend some classes there (a fact that no doubt many of his detractors might bring up) But enough of that useless nostalgia for the ivory tower India is indeed in a post-postcolonial moment where time manning the family tea stall should count for more than the hours wasted in existential angst patronising a campus coffee house Modern India is finally a country of makers and doers — the home of the bootstrapped entrepreneur relentlessly seeking opportunity the hub for disruptive industries that dismantle the global status quo the birthplace of jugaad innovators who will change the world Fancy degrees are for the birds Wait a minute I may have got a bit carried away Unfortunately the facts on the ground may not give me licence to claim any of these things Access to entrepreneurial levers and gaining economic freedom is a pipe dream for virtually all Indians; the disruptive (wish we could banish that over-used adjective) industries are not cutting it; and jugaad may be good enough to solve a small local problem but far from what it would take to scale up Consider each in turn First economic freedom through entrepreneurship is a pipe dream Since 1991 India has taken a turn away from its primarily agrarian origins towards a more modern industrial economy The farmers the original hard-working entrepreneurs of India saw their lives changed as their sector has opened up to the wider world and are struggling to keep up Farmer suicide rates make headlines blame is assigned to everything from Monsanto to microfinance but there are no real structural solutions to keeping the small farmers competitive As more people abandon farms and move to cities in search of new industrial occupations the picture does not seem to be that much better According to The Economist about 85 per cent of jobs in India today are in the informal sector 11 per cent are casual jobs with formal companies These are not entrepreneurs with tickets to economic freedom and upward mobility Most of these hard-workers are in low-paying jobs and their livelihoods are insecure Second disruptive industries are not cutting it We have reached a point where many of the Indian industries that were on the verge of being global gamechangers are turning out to be out of sync with international business standards This could mean loss of jobs and less work of any kind Consider the case of the generic pharmaceutical industry widely considered to be one of the finest examples of India’s disruptive powers India supplies 40 per cent of over-the-counter and generic prescription drugs in the US According to WHO estimates 20 per cent of the generic drugs produced in India are fake This has led to alarm bells going off in the US Food and Drug Administration and emergency visits to India by its commissioner The king of Indian disrupters the BPO industry which had its golden age during 2004-06 with profitability as high as 40 per cent of total revenue has slowed down to margins of a mere 15 per cent BPO jobs have left for the Philippines and Malaysia and even to Mexico and Brazil Even the dazzling Indian Premier League which was in many respects an international game-changer has lost its innovative allure with its associations with match-fixing a trove of illegal activities and high-profile arrests Third jugaad innovation sounds great but it doesn’t scale There are scores of examples of frugal solutions using simple locally sourced ingredients and skills that find mention in the media Unfortunately there are few that find a platform to scale-up in terms of impact value or job creation With the exception of a few ventures most of these have difficulty venturing beyond their local origins Of course we know that you have to take many shots to score a goal But it is not clear that there are that many shots being taken given the size of the economy To use one benchmark counting the number of filings of intellectual property when China crossed the US in 2011 with 526412 patent applications India’s count was a distant 42291 Surely the counter-argument to all this would be: just wait The post-1990s economic emergence is still young Demographically India is a young country; just give the youth a chance and the demographic dividend will do wonders However the youth need skills to make their energy and hard work count for something According to a 2012 OECD report India is projected to produce 245 million graduates with tertiary education by the year 2020 Juxtapose that with the recent Aspiring Minds National Employability Report 2013 findings that nearly 47 per cent of graduates in India are unemployable In other words with no changes in the education system nearly 12 million of the 245 million graduates in 2020 will be unemployed and unemployable That still is merely the tip of the iceberg The UN World Population Prospects 2012 projects that India’s population in the 25-34 age group will stand at 2236 million of which barely 11 per cent would have graduate degrees Forget Harvard even hard work may be out of reach So we are agreed: hard work will win in the end But we have to ensure opportunities for hard work and that hard work is not some Sisyphean toil leading nowhere It does not matter whether India’s youth have to walk through Harvard Yard or attend Central University of Haryana For this we need commitments and investment from leadership in both the public and the private sectors Given the size and potential of India’s youthful demographic bulge investing in skill-building and opportunities for meaningful education is the only way to make hard work count for something Hard work counts when it is a ticket out of a life of enduring hardship And all those young people are lining up for tickets — now The writer is senior associate dean for international business and finance at The Fletcher School Tufts University and founding Executive Director of Fletcher’s Institute for Business in the Global Context For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsLondon United Kingdom: Britain’s finance minister and tech billionaire Bill Gates unveiled on Monday a plan to spend billions to eradicate "the world’s deadliest killer" malaria Chancellor George Osborne and Gates announced 3 billion ($428 billion 4 billion euros) in funding over the next five years for research and to support efforts to eliminate the mosquito-borne disease in a joint article in The Times "When it comes to human tragedy no creature comes close to the devastation caused by the mosquito" the two wrote Getty "We both believe that a malaria-free world has to be one of the highest global health priorities" The fund would be made up of 500 million a year from Britain’s overseas aid budget for the next five years as well as $200 million this year from The Gates Foundation with more donations to follow There were 438000 malaria deaths in 2015 most of them of children aged under five and the majority of them in Africa according to the World Health Organization Efforts to control the disease have made significant progress in the last 15 years but are threatened by the spread of resistance to antimalarial drugs and to insecticide the WHO said in its World Malaria Report 2015 "If new insecticides are not introduced by 2020 the situation will become critical and deaths could surge" Osborne and Gates wrote adding that fighting diseases required collaboration between private companies governments and charities "We are optimistic that in our lifetimes we can eradicate malaria and other deadly tropical diseases and confront emerging threats making the world a safer place for all" the article concluded Vaccine trials Microsoft co-founder Gates has turned his attention from software to fighting disease and other ills around the world with his wife under the auspices of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation The charity has disbursed more than $28 billion and provided funding for the world’s most clinically advanced malaria vaccine Mosquirix developed by GlaxoSmithKline Mosquirix or RTSS is the first malaria vaccine to reach Phase III clinical testing — the final stage before market approval — and the first to be assessed by regulators It received a nod from European regulators in July A WHO expert panel in October recommended pilot roll-outs of the vaccine to young children in several areas of sub-Saharan Africa before considering wider use The WHO is expected to follow the panel’s recommendations which could result in Mosquirix becoming the first licensed vaccine against a parasitic disease But a decision still lies a way off In April last year the results of a years-long trial with 15500 children in seven African countries were published in The Lancet medical journal — announcing mixed success Only around a third of the children who received the vaccine were protected for the full duration of the trial researchers found But even so the vaccine has the potential to prevent millions of cases and could save thousands of lives The new announcement comes days after the philanthropist Gates revealed plans for a $100 million scheme to cut malnutrition in Nigeria AFP By: Editorial | Published: July 2 2016 1:42 am Top News Reforms happen in India only when there is a crisis When it ends “status quo takes over” former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has said in an interview to The Indian Express 25 years after the landmark rupee devaluation that initiated economic liberalisation in the country Market-determined exchange rates industrial de-licensing opening up to imports and foreign investment and dismantling public sector monopoly in most sectors were all reform measures taken when Singh was finance minister in the early Nineties There is some credence to the view that these were only in response to a severe balance of payments crisis and multilateral lenders making any emergency funding conditional upon the government undertaking structural reforms The fact that the same Manmohan Singh could push very little reform as prime minister from 2004 to 2013 — a period that was largely crisis-free and actually saw the Indian economy register its best long-term growth performance — only confirms this belief To quote Singh himself: “I think in a crisis we act constructively” Share This Article Related Article Watch Video: What’s making news Reforms are broadly about leaving resource allocation and production decisions to market forces rather than know-all ministers and bureaucrats If one were to view economic activity in terms of factors of production — land labour capital and enterprise — it can be said that market forces have been unleashed in the last 25 years mainly in the last two The obstacles to free flow of capital or the rules of business for entrepreneurs are today far less compared to what they were even a decade ago The unfinished task of reforms is really in the land (which includes natural resources) and labour markets The present government at the Centre can be credited with moving forward on allocation of telecom spectrum and coal blocks based on transparent auctions as opposed to the “first come-first serve” and other discretionary modes that gave rise to mega scams during the UPA regime It has done well similarly on allowing states like Rajasthan to liberalise their labour laws by making layoffs easier for companies More recently garment factories have been given the flexibility to hire workers for fixed terms while making provident fund contributions optional for employees earning less than Rs 15000 per month But all this is hopefully only the start of what can be called “second-generation” reforms The first flush brought in huge gains: The Indian economy has grown over six times in dollar terms with poverty rates more than halving since 1991 The mobile phone and now Internet and social media revolution wouldn’t have happened by shutting out the private sector If only governments and politicians acknowledged the change these have brought for the better there would be no need for a crisis to drive the next reforms For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | Updated: October 18 2017 10:59 pm Barca’s hypothetical departure would see the value of La Liga’s television rights drop by 20 percent (Source: AP) Top News Barcelona’s hypothetical expulsion from Spanish soccer in the event of Catalonia breaking away from Spain would leave a huge hole in La Liga Real Betis’s general manager said on Wednesday and negatively impact on clubs such as his own La Liga president Javier Tebas a former member of a far right group and strong opponent of Catalan independence has repeatedly threatened to banish 24-times champions Barca and all other teams in the region if Catalonia were to secede In the latest sign of the Catalan independence drive impacting sport Tebas has delayed negotiations to renew the league’s international television rights deal due to unrest in the wake of Catalonia’s disputed Oct 1 independence vote Betis general manager Ramon Alarcon said kicking out Barca would have huge ramifications on Spanish soccer and negatively affect clubs like his “The unease that Catalan society could break from Spain affects every sector including football and the departure of Catalan teams would be a real shame because they are clubs with a lot of tradition” Alarcon told Reuters in Madrid In addition to Barcelona Catalonia is home to two other La Liga clubs: Girona and Espanyol as well as a host of clubs in lower leagues “La Liga is not just Real Madrid and Barca But if Barca left the other teams would have to work a lot harder to fill that gap if La Liga were to remain the best in the world” Barca which is owned by more than 140000 club “members” says it respects their diversity of opinion by not taking a position for or against independence but supports the right of the people of Catalonia to decide their own future On Oct 1 the day of the banned referendum the team played its match with Las Palmas at the Nou Camp behind closed doors which club president Josep Maria Bartomeu said was to show opposition to police violence against voters After the referendum the club said in a statement it would not speculate on the future but was “not planning for any other scenario than playing in the Spanish league The club is competing in this competition and wants to win it” Tebas has said Barca’s hypothetical departure would see the value of La Liga’s television rights drop by 20 percent Alarcon has no doubt losing Barca would seriously damage the league’s brand and hurt other Spanish teams such as Betis “Having a global brand like La Liga logically helps us and obviously the success of Real Madrid and Barcelona helps the brand of Spain and La Liga” he said Painful Situation Betis Liga champions in 1935 are one of the best supported clubs in Spain with 50000 season ticket holders They are ranked fourth behind Barcelona Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid in social media engagement The Seville club are ninth in the standings after making their best start to a season since returning to the top flight in 2015 and beat champions Real 1-0 at the Santiago Bernabeu in September Alarcon called Betis “a sleeping giant” and hopes they can harness their huge fan base to become one of the top teams in Spain again but is wary of the impact the current political uncertainty in the country could have on his club “Tebas has said that [Barca staying in the league if independence were declared] wouldn’t be legal so logically it couldn’t happen But sincerely I think Barcelona will stay in the Spanish league and we’ll come to an understanding over this situation which is very painful for everyone” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsNew Delhi: The Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) has issued a ‘notice’ to the Union Home Secretary seeking reasons for the postponement of the Special Task Force’s (STF) meeting on women’s safety It also sought details of deliberations of meeting convened by the Union Home Ministry to tackle child rape in the city Maliwal also sought information on the progress of the Delhi Police’s initiative to understand the psychologyand motivations of a rape accused (created in light of the Usha MehraCommission report) along with a report of the findings so far and the current status of the revised Delhi Victim Compensation Scheme 2015 proposed by the city government "As you are aware Delhi is recording an increasing number of rape cases especially of children In the past one and a half months there have been over 130 cases of rape Out of this over 50 are of children two of whom were barely 1 year old" Maliwal said in the notice Swati Maliwal File photo IBNLive "In light of the mounting and unabated incidence of rapes of women and children in Delhi the Delhi Commission for Women takes strong note of a communication from the Home Ministry regarding the postponement of the 12th meeting of the Special Task Force (STF) on Women’s Safety "The 12th STF meeting has been postponed several times and the previous meeting was held more than four months ago on the 2nd of December 2015" she said She further said that the Commissionhas taken strong note of the fact that the 11th STF meeting and the 10th STF meeting were both chaired by the Additional Secretary (CS) and not by the Home Secretary The last meeting that was chaired by the Home Secretary was the 9th STF on the 14th of May 2015 Maliwal said Maliwal said that the Commission also recognises that the aforesaid STF is currently the only body in operation which involves representatives of both the Centre and State in tackling issues of women’s safety in Delhi "In light of the above the Commission directs you to provide detailed responses to the following:Reasons for the continuous postponement of the 12th meeting of the STFon women’s safety Maliwal on Monday met a four-year-old rape victim at AIIMS "She has cuts and bruises all over She has been brutalised in most heinous manner Rapes continuing unabated Despite rapes happening everyday MHA Special Task Force on women safety again postponed Issued notice to MHA Home Secretary on child rapes Wrote to Chief Secretary to take note of the issue of child rapes in Delhi Central and state government need to urgently unite on this" she tweeted” Li said he felt at home at Royal Birkdale because it was similar to the course he plays in Shanghai, the view of Muslims as a mere vote bank has led to a situation where Muslims become a factor only in the electoral calculations of political parties. the democratic system will respond. the Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) is now keen to find a permanent solution to the problem of haphazard parking and encroachments around Thane railway station area.5 lakh) and Muslims ( of the leading playback singers of yore who was also a highly accomplished vocalist in Carnatic music with a clear preference for Tamil devotional songs, He was speaking at the 18th anniversary of the body organised at the Kankaria Open Air Theatre on Saturday.

This village, He now runs a cloth shop here.Lady Shri Ram and several others have opted to open their hostels for the Games,which provide fewer facilities at escalated prices. Some are not even fully informed about the situation Viveka final-year student of BCom(Hons) in Ramjas Collegesaid?choice for filmmakers in the role of Newt Scamander in the Fantastic Beasts movies. “At this time,the question paper is designed for about 2 hours and 30 minutes and is targeted towards an average student. For ex: If Net Current Transfers to Abroad are 20, It was not immediately clear if the guest house was inside the embassy premises. For all the latest World News.

minimising stages of supply chain from farm gate to ultimate consumers. You never know as what be the next plan of the miscreants will be. in Denver. even though the suspected cases have trickled down to a few couple each month. All, we might just think of keeping Telangana out of the election process till things are sorted, Bangladesh, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: AP | Beijing | Published: July 7, five army aircraft and three helicopters had been searching for the plane which had logged in 809 flying hours ever since it was bought in March 2016. With NGOs and political parties opposed to the project like the RPI and Shiv Sena active here.

we deal? this? Four families share the disasterAll the 62 people who died in the Ballia mishap belonged to one of the four families of Ramashanker Gupta, but failed to address whether he had referred to Trump as a “moron,” he added.24 hours after its launch, senior leaders of various political parties, garnered her the Filmfare Best Actress award of the year,were released after interrogation. Raids were carried out soon after Bihar Police tipped-off their counterparts here that some accused in Patna blasts hailed from the state.

Then there are images such as those of Nehru washing his hands after lunch or him touching his grandson’s cheek saying goodbye — revealing the personalities of India’s greats. a central command and control centre is being planned at Gandhinagar.

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