Liu Qiangdong Jingdong platform sellers less than 30 thousand of the most worried about the quality

[Abstract] Liu Qiangdong pointed out in his internal speech, if there is a fake Jingdong platform, there is no difference between Tmall and Taobao.

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on July 27th

Open platform

POP is becoming an important part of the business of a Jingdong but with the POP open platform bigger and pat net adjusted again on the line, a large number of third party merchants for Jingdong meet great challenge on quality monitoring.

day before the Jingdong to the Jingdong fake oil event mall CEO Liu Qiangdong a great stimulus. Is the most worried about the problem mentioned in the third party product quality problems in central speech at Liu Qiangdong on Friday, as the platform for three years, has been tremble with fear. read more

24 of employers said tickets to sell to unsuspecting friends

24 coupons currently liabilities of $60 million, the team after several layoffs storm, there are still more than 300 people. (TechWeb with


buy 24 shares of equity disputes and then lift the waves. Sell 24 tickets to the GroupNet news came quite strange.

recently, sources said, 24 coupons from Malaysia investors have to negotiate the sale of GroupNet under the Tencent investment. The latter is F and Peng merge in the two quarter of this year after the integration of the company. The merged company is managed by F group management. read more

Female friends sold fake or jailed for 7 years

Qianjiang Evening News reporter Yang Jian correspondent Chen Huijin Kay sword

price of a few million, ten million bags, only sell a few hundred yuan. Such information, presumably a lot of people have seen in their own circle of friends in WeChat. But in fact, in accordance with the provisions of the criminal law, knowingly selling counterfeit registered trademarks of goods, the maximum term of imprisonment of less than 7 years.

recently, Xiasha Hemou due to WeChat in the circle of friends selling fake brand-name goods and was sent to the court. I think there are a lot of people are selling, do not know it is illegal, I did not expect so serious." In the courtroom, he cried several times. read more

E-commerce talent shortage to create e-commerce training industry fiery

Internet = chat QQ, e-commerce = Taobao. These two equations seem to be one of the most direct definitions when many people first come into contact with the internet. But with the popularity of the Internet, network life is rich and varied, people further understand, really understand what is the Internet, what is the electronic commerce. Furthermore, in the past few years, the rapid development of e-commerce, e-commerce, the word for more people to understand, but also more people to e-commerce in this emerging industry. read more

Taobao push new advertising cooperation model divided into 1 billion yuan to small and medium-sized

sina science and technology news on March 19th morning news, according to Taobao, said recently it will launch a new advertising cooperation model, the object is the majority of small and medium-sized webmaster and network partners. The plan this year’s goal is to prepare 1 billion yuan will be divided into small and medium-sized webmaster.

According to

said the plan named "blue whale", based on "Taobao guest" and "Taobao alliance" with’s "advertising alliance" launched. Previously, Taobao customers mainly through the introduction of features to customers, commission settings, so that more sellers to join the Taobao off and benefit, after 2009, Taobao can start to seek outside the station cooperation. read more

Huaian District, Huaian preferential policies to support the development of e-commerce Industrial Pa

days ago, Huaian District of Huaian city issued "Huaian district government on supporting the development of e-business industrial park views (Trial)", the annual financial district at least 3 million yuan of special funds to support the development of e-commerce industry.

is one of the modern warehousing and logistics of e-commerce project in accordance with the planning of e-commerce Industrial Park and the industry chain (including express) e-commerce, downstream projects give priority to land planning and land use index, according to the set listing, warehousing and logistics projects may refer to the price of industrial land listing, while giving the appropriate relief in the construction fees etc.. read more

Tai Chi advertising alliance pie net (CPM) product line notice

poison to broadcast the latest online advertisers who are CPM billing model, advertising platform for the Tai Chi advertising alliance.

advertisers: Pie nets

billing mode: CPM

: monthly settlement Commission

data feedback: two days

payment date:

month end of the month


. Net ( is one for the Beijing local workers entertainment website, through the answer rewards and various online games way for commuters to relieve pressure and fatigue in the..

in the pie network, users can learn about the local to Beijing’s most distinctive clothing, diet, entertainment, education, information, and information by answering questions in can earn some pie pie, accumulated can exchange for a variety of exquisite gift pie provided by the network (brand-name mobile phone, clothes, cosmetics, etc.) to the user at the same time required in the information acquisition to get a surprise, let the business advertisement every click effect becomes real. read more

Who can save B2B People who need help themselves

who can save B2B before answering this question?. We need to answer another question – does B2B need to save it?. There are the following reasons: first, B2B weak. B2B is a fortune because of manufacturing as well as the Chinese dividend information gap, high quality and inexpensive things sold, European and American buyers to find high quality and inexpensive things, so the foreign trade B2B, domestic B2B is developed according to this idea, but appeared in the information gap filled, the rise in the cost of regional manufacturing dividends are so B2B loss, weak constitution. Second, B2B asthma. B2B asthma performance in keeping up with the times, in the big data, electricity providers, O2O, mobile Internet, social concept of these trendy, there seems to be nothing B2B. Third, B2B weak. Many manufacturers from the distribution model in order to direct sales model, you can direct sales through the B2C, which occupied part of the B2B market, so Taobao has become a wholesale Tmall and land. In the process of B2C and O2O contest, B2B’s strength is very weak. read more

The breakdown of electricity supplier back surgery resurrect every guest to reinvent the whe

Abstract: from Li Guoqing’s "Jingdong, but by the end of 2012, to carry the" Bi Sheng "vertical electricity supplier is a false proposition", in recent years, bad mouthing the sound has been in the business, there are many enterprises have become the development of the martyrs of the electricity supplier industry. The death of a point for the electricity supplier is not strange, however, the electricity supplier to change dynasties behind, frequently staged in operation. read more

Tmall double 11 trading volume of 15 hours and 19 minutes over 91 billion 200 million yuan over 2015

November 11th news, Tmall 11 from zero after the beginning of November 11th, the total turnover continued to refresh. As of today, 15 hours and 19 minutes, the total turnover of Tmall double 11 yuan exceeded $91 billion 200 million, more than last year’s trading volume.

According to Alibaba

real-time data display, Tmall double 11 trading volume after 52 seconds to break 1 billion, 6 minutes and 58 seconds to break 10 billion; 60 minutes more than 35 billion 300 million, 2013 Trading Volume 6 hours all day long; 54 transactions amounted to 57 billion 100 million yuan, breaking the 2014 trading volume record all day long. read more

If the fruit industry was born 7-11, what would it be

when the Internet began to look for new retail, online and offline integration, supply chain opportunities, in the end what should be done?

from the vice president of the alliance to create a fresh rice, just participated in the golden age of coke Yue China Mobile Internet product, process, and the subsequent rise of O2O boom bust. A meter is fresh romance after equity acquisition Jiao Yue appeared in public for the first time, he told 36 krypton: "in the past focus on traffic, vendors, intend to spend 1/3 time to study fruit next year." read more

Taobao city brand Day Miracle 14 days turnover of over billion

12 brands, the 14 trading day, the average daily turnover rose by 39%, the average daily turnover of 7 million 440 thousand, the two break through the 8 million, the two breakthrough in 10 million, the total turnover of more than 14 days of 100 million. This is the past two weeks, Taobao Electric City launched brand day record.

sun in the sky, you are the summer appliance is willing to sit in the house with a click of the mouse to choose a cool, or to the scorching sun to go to the mall to buy an air conditioner? By Taobao Electric City "brand", consumers in the most intimate and most accurate way to answer this question seems to be dishonest. read more

For the 6.18 electricity supplier advertisers how to run the program to buy


6 years ago is a Jingdong since 6.18 is now hi; carnival and double 11 famous electricity supplier, from the initial Xiaodaxiaonao to now digital marketing firepower, moving across the screen to track 6.18, has evolved into an important battlefield of the electricity supplier marketing, as each business market promotion team of senior high school entrance examination.

as a program to purchase electricity supplier industry industry one of the highest degree of penetration, the purchase program provides "find new customers + find a full set of solutions to improve the old passenger + ROI, electricity supplier for the most important marketing activities to promote the scene, what is the process of buying? Face mobile outbreak to promote the need to pay attention to what read more

This time does not blow the chiefs complained that the trend in 2016

[Abstract] entrepreneurs really complain, the ideal is more pleasant than he talk rapidly — although the backbone, but real, that is the outcome of the. People say that the unification of the year, the Internet ten years. To know how to change a new year, a practice of chewing warriors. You can get a glimpse of one or two.

fresh: not bragging you will die ah?

over the past two years, do not add adjectives, the outside world also know how fresh electricity supplier.

Wang Wei at the tenth session of the annual meeting of the online retail Tucao said, by means of a single volume shameless exaggerated the number of people who have to take investment, entrepreneurs have forgotten the first to provide good products and good service, but try to do good to obtain high valuation data. Before 2015 in August, we say how many of their own single, how many users, some people buy a send two way to turn an order into the three. Investors also told me, "you go to rush orders, you do 10 thousand single, the valuation of the company will have $100 million, 100 thousand single, the valuation of the company into 1 billion dollars, do 1 million single company valuation becomes $10 billion. However, leaving the capital driven, then the company can rely on to achieve sustainable development? read more

Business tax blocking Western place by the impact of traditional retailing

electric blocking western tax

Xiao Xia


Tmall in the "double eleven" promotional 19 billion 100 million yuan to achieve amazing transactions, not only for the industry to talk, also let the lack of electricity supplier entity provinces alert because of local traditional retail electricity supplier by the impact is the loss of the corresponding tax.

in early November, the Yuzhong district government convened the local information industry scholars and industry participants to discuss the development of e-commerce in Chongqing. Participating in a local Chongqing IT companies revealed that the government of Chongqing noted that the recent emergence of trade and service industry tax loss signs, are on the introduction of specific measures to support the development of electricity providers seek advice. read more

Domain name registration tutorial (a) – ICANN certification of China’s top domain registrar

domain name is the Internet in the international computer (Internet) is an independent web site name or web site name, also known as online trademark, with only one in the world, is an important resource for individuals, enterprises and institutions, organs etc..

domestic domain name registration quotient numbers, how can we choose to uneven in quality, good domain name registration agencies? Let’s look at the choice of domain name registration agencies.

ICANN certification of China’s top domain name registrar a total of the following 9, namely: read more

BITAUTO 11.11 special offer car upgrade electric car service exposure

from November 11th to less than 10 hours, the car horn sounded offensive won the last car electricity supplier war, not only released ahead of more than and 50 special offer models, will also provide financial, second-hand cars and other value-added services for users. The official said that this year 11.11 relying on the mature · the benefits of buying a car, easy car mall two business platform, compared to last year, to achieve the product richness, price concessions, comprehensive upgrade services, will provide a new online service for the user experience and Car Buying. read more

Weapon money in the N position 11 detonated network network double quality ecological season

news November 4th, the day before, announced the launch of music as ecology for a period of 1 months "smart ecological season", and then start the national carnival. Voice did not fall, the U.S. local time on November 2nd to celebrate the grand opening: Super TV, mobile phone and other super eco derivatives on the first day of the line 4 hours sold out! Also sub ecological consumer ecological life Triumphant news keeps pouring in., open the "ecological quality network network over the same period, the seven season venue for 12 consecutive days low quality wine turns into battle. The latest data show that in November 1st the same day, the mobile terminal network network Mingzhuang Wine sales sales doubled, even quadruple double 11 Carnival heat read more

Brewmaster network listen to the cloud help protect high availability high traffic liquor

low profile brewmaster network technology team

in the past, the technical team brewmaster network in the entire DevOps circles are very low-key, in their own words, adhering to the Shanxi Shanxi culture "simple and sincere, friendly" concept, as people still want to be pragmatic, low-key, the first work is to do the technical ability, good liquor vertical electric providers, reflect the value of the industry idea. And, although in the past three or four years in the development of the brewmaster network showing very rapid growth, but the underlying architecture and entrepreneurial companies have little difference, the pursuit of more efficiency and growth, not in the processing of large data, high availability, spend much energy on stability. read more

3C electricity supplier in addition to price war, but also what to play


, once a year 3C shopping street rujierzhi, this is 3C vendors and business platform considering the gluttonous feast. If the double eleven is more like a woman’s shopping street, then this year, the protagonist of the big promotion is the male user group as the main user 3C. Like all electricity supplier Shopping Festival, the price war is still the main theme of this year. But some rookie platform to join, is changing the price war as the main theme of the 3C business, 3C business is being introduced in 2 times. read more