I am a small webmaster

I’m just a small webmaster, now these days, personal Adsense want to firmly earn RMB OR, "$" seems to be no longer so simple thing. At the beginning of the station just to hold the mentality of playing, have a website belonging to their own, more or less some sense of achievement, can be among the students to see another eye. Oh, to meet a little vanity oh. Also feel a little technical

many times in the online wandering see many posts, shy, poor poor students in the bag, the initiation of the desire to make money, then spent a lot of time studying how to make money, that period of time, to see the sky snow post, close your eyes is full of what alliance advertising ah, ah, the spider. SEO. Feel your mind is not on your white, a little thought would start my Wangzhuan Wangzhuan road. read more

A college student station site experience

graduated from the University for more than 1 years, the work is website promotion, so begin to contact this for more than 1 years of time, learn something, also took many detours, have been doing before the promotion, not done their own website. Some time ago to resign during the Olympic Games to play at home for half a month, at home idle boring, it is intended to be a website to play, see friends made a silk stockings beauty, feel fun, listen to him one day to earn a few knife, I plan to do a website also play it. read more

Grassroots webmaster should be good at familiar station

              08 years immediately passed, calculate their blink of an eye on the Internet you have seven or eight thoughts. Ask what I made? I whispered to say no, I want to ask how many websites do? I would say do not remember, too much! If you ask me what I have left? Only experience there are some successful or not successful webmaster.

these may be a lot of grassroots webmaster experience, but we still have been in the pursuit and efforts.

but we analyzed the cause of our failure? There are many common reasons: technical reasons, reasons, financial reasons, team time! I think the main reason is that our ideas deviate from their ability and their own expertise, ambitious. read more

Small game website development trend analysis is no longer profiteering industry

a friend recently made a small game website: 28 Games www.28xyx.com, asked me to write a soft, do some promotion, seems to want to go, the 28 game is not what special attractions worth writing. However, this has inspired one of my wishes, and is to explore the development trend of small game sites, my view is: the current environment is no longer suitable for small game sites. From this point of view, I am not very optimistic about the development of 28 small games.

my reasons are as follows:

The read more

Site classic quotations 100 sentences (2)

site classic quotations, 100 sentences (1)   http://www.admin5.com/article/20080915/104009.shtml 

21 do webmaster, who have to have 5-10 websites, if you have only a web site, you are embarrassed to say that he is webmaster.

22, Baidu   Google should give us traffic, we cheat them, that’s what we should. They sealed us, their treason and heresy.

23, do website to learn to cheat, all those who make money station, all is flicker to money, all those who do not make money stationmaster, affirmation did not go to flicker who. read more

Small entrepreneurs are hard to attract VC eyeballs

grassroots entrepreneurial passion is not inferior to the big entrepreneur

the afternoon of July 27th, sponsored by the Zhitong talent network the first "2008 South Internet webmaster forum" to close the curtain. From the PRD more than 200 Internet entrepreneurs, "grassroots owners" gathered and Tianya, tallzhi.com, NetEase and other famous sites and VC (venture capital) the relevant person in charge of a lively exchange.

"grassroots webmaster", mostly for two or three years of College students. read more

The use of GoDaddy space site was Netcom (Unicom) restrictions!

‘s recent visit to GoDaddy hosting sites has found a strange phenomenon: several sites using GoDaddy hosts regularly access very slowly, and websites are inaccessible irregularly. But accessing other foreign websites and domestic websites is normal. This is not a wave of new GoDaddy host conspiracy, after the author investigated, found that there is a problem,


through the analysis of the technical point of view, Ping I know of several GoDaddy on the host website, all packet loss phenomenon is serious, the packet loss rate of about 50%; after several websites tracert routing, is mainly caused by packet loss timeout in a IP backbone network of Beijing netcom. In order to ensure that the network is not GoDaddy or server problem, I also specifically allows mobile telecommunication networks, friends try to access and Ping, without any problems, only Netcom (China Unicom) network has the problem; at the same time, I consulted the GoDaddy online customer service, they also got the same affirmation: is our domestic telecom operators. read more

Note the sale of Links and anti cheat code

now we all know that even quality can improve the site’s search rankings, it has also become a source station. The antecedents of changmen link advertising prices are increasingly high, many people saw the profits. To earn dirty money and I will disclose these black heart intermediary. Today I! The http://www.kb08.cn PR4 domz.org included, Baidu included 10600 pages, PR high because people often come to me to buy links, contact liar a lot. Also several times now when I put my bait, and the method that. read more

Personal webmaster want to learn to brake car in the end

A5 has published articles in a long time not to contact, many grassroots webmaster, had written nearly 60 grassroots webmaster circle in the article, but he did three months after the site back when he had written the article, feel very empty, really empty.

from the beginning of February 2nd registered the domain name GBTOL.COM, my site has gone through the course of three months, of which the bitterness of only experienced webmaster friends to experience, I rarely QQ three months before accidentally landing on QQ, saw the summer wind message, that moment, very touched, as your friend is not forgotten touched, for the grassroots grassroots feelings touched, now, in a sense, I come to a dead end, personal Adsense in desperate situation may learn to "brake" car. read more

Personal webmaster’s e-commerce website Road

at this time of the financial crisis, every webmaster has to think about where we are going. Many webmasters have more than one domain name, many websites. Many owners said that they are doing garbage stations, and we used to call the garbage station, that is, a little flow by the union survival of the station. And such a station, in the present view, search engine requirements are getting higher and higher, the probability of K also pleased to come with big. Traffic is gradually reduced, the amount of League deduction, low prices, and their own website and no specific profit items, so that only one way down. read more

The trend of Internet development through Baidu

Baidu is the entrance of massive Internet users, so Baidu can also make full use of the user’s access behavior to improve their products, and even adjust their strategy. Let’s take a look at some of the current trends in the Internet through Baidu.

1. Internet penetration of the daily life of the people is an irresistible trend.

, Baidu’s Hao123.com, made an important revision at the end of 08 and early 09. The important two points are the provision of life, services and local services. And the addition of "life" to the main navigation category on the right side of the hao123. Local and lifestyle sites will become an important force in China’s Internet in the future. Can not do portal, we can do a local life site. read more

Sharing experiences of local tourism websites

I’m in a county in Luoyang, Luanchuan. The reason why we want to be a tourist website in Luanchuan is that we are the only county in Luanchuan with 6 national AAAA scenic spots. But, also won the national "tourism county" title. The "Luanchuan model" created by the government of our county to develop tourism in Luanchuan has also held a seminar in the Great Hall of the people. Moreover, the government has been the "county tourism" as a development strategy of our county planning and development. So, it can be said that our county’s tourism is very promising. read more

Personal webmaster seriously treat each of your web site

for personal Adsense, generally not only have a station. Dream Sylvia Baidu, suddenly dim. There is always a searching and constantly choice experience. Rather than a few of the formidable technical staff and investors, the start has a clear direction, a clear field. For us, we need some quick flow to make ends meet. We are always chasing all kinds of fresh hot spots.


, stationmaster website has an article "do station seven years, brought me 400 thousand only."". This is a good result, if you stand 7 years, only maintained seven years of livelihood, and still nothing, it is so sad. Since the expansion of college enrollment, a large number of college students have become employment difficulties. Under the unemployment wave, a domain name plus one hundred or two hundred space, such a low threshold, so that the individual station has become a route of retreat for many unemployed people. But when you have done personal webmaster for many years, can not help asking: "personal webmaster retreat where again?" read more

Website how to break the ice point thinking to achieve benign development

face-to-face communication is more conducive to the development of the website, from the beginning of the man-machine communication to machine communication is the progress of science and technology, and the Internet industry is also so, from the perspective of the development of the network, make the website content through the most appropriate way to show in front of users is very important, namely the breakthrough freezing distance makes soft site show in front of the user, this is one of the direction of development of the Internet, the webmaster can do is through his best to make the website to show with the most appropriate way. read more

The importance of moderators in community forums

Due to the recent

doing my city community promotion work, so on this little community forum a little more understanding, many people say that online moderators are very important to the community forum, a sentence is " as also defeated the moderator, moderator ". It can be seen that the moderators are so important to the community forum.

let’s talk about the main job of the moderator first. The moderator is the leader and designer of the page, which determines the location and style of the page. Moderators through their posting, post, affecting the layout of the atmosphere. Recommend excellent posts in various ways to guide the orientation of the forum. The moderator is the "cleaner" and "security" of the community forum, responsible for the "clean sanitation" and normal order of the layout. They remove the irrigation stickers, advertising stickers, stickers affixed to the bad information, illegal activities of Internet users in the layout specification; in violation of the rules; punishment behavior; moderator is the layout of the "owners committee", responsible for the users to carry out various activities and act as the organizer and the waiter role, to gather popularity etc.. read more

New pattern of international logistics industry

with China joined WTO international logistics this new name from us more and more strange, the international logistics industry in the future will become a new industry chain, since the state of the international logistics company to join the threshold on the low, and the line is profitable. Therefore, a great variety of international logistics companies have appeared in front of people. Simple two people, a car, a table is an international logistics company, backward thinking way, the result is small companies become big fish. Law of the jungle has become a trend of the current. Small companies are often for survival, looking for business everywhere, looking for sources of goods, looking for tourists. Marketing advertising up, do not say, but also can not find customers, made a real prince to read the kind of company. Today, 35 companies are closed and 35 companies will be opened tomorrow. read more

The wolf is coming. What should we do

08 years, I do not know is for the games, or Chinese has been more enthusiastic about the number 8 (primary) game, the industry seems quite fire, the online recruitment industry of course is the same, and there is fierce competition in this field is not sold on the battlefield, let us look at the region recruitment website how to survive.

a year ago in the online recruitment industry emerged like bamboo shoots after a spring rain like, experienced the development of last year’s regional scale and mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, the site issued by the strength in the first half of the 08 years and only a few months later, ushered in the 3 largest online recruitment giant regional business development impact. In the face of a strong coverage of 3 recruitment sites, just a foothold in their recruitment website, how to deal with read more

Webmasters should be good at taking chances from Internet disputes

‘s recent Internet has become more active. As a result of the well-known reasons, the rapid development of 360 has gradually started some friction and collisions between Tencent and related products. In 360 the promotion and marketing style, a vital choice to combat opponents, thus providing an excellent opportunity for their expansion and the excuse is the best choice, this time he chose to attack the Tencent privacy scan to users, which triggered the emerging Internet giants of the old giant challenge, this event recently become to calm the raise a Babel of criticism of the Internet, they added a new dirt. Then, on their own alone as grassroots webmaster, will only play and forget. It is called: "amateurs watch the bustle, experts see doorways."". Grass roots webmasters find more opportunities after this argument, and turn these opportunities into tools to bring their own flow or income. read more

Want to give up webmaster, may wish to do two years of customer service Shi Yuzhu

"the only real way, is to Admin5, outdated and other places to write soft text.". Can write a soft Wen also suppress it, to write on, this is definitely not a mortal work, only Shi Yuzhu can do it."

the above text is a webmaster friends today in the journal, in fact we grassroots webmaster often missing is the "customer service spirit of Shi Yuzhu", Shi Yuzhu in the journey of the development and promotion process, for two years service, believe that the webmaster friends especially IDC webmaster friends can experience the "customer service" the helpless and tedious work. As a busy executive president, he can settle down to two years of customer service, and his perseverance is beyond the reach of ordinary people. read more

Website Optimization SEO requires patience and time

learning SEO for a long time, this time also operate a lot of cases, for a lot of experiments and tests, for the website optimization, have a lot of experience, and some experience of their own now and communicate with you:

1: Website Optimization Website optimization need time, is not to say that after you to optimize the website, the effect will be out of your website ranking will soon go up, this is almost impossible, website optimization need time, search engine to give you good rankings, needs more time, a website search engine to only a certain degree of trust will give you a good ranking read more