Liu Jun Shanghai dragon data record is the basis of Shanghai dragon quantization

data record

will do Shanghai dragon who is not a problem, the website can we all understand very well what some data is, the real question is whether you are willing to go to the problem. Such as external links, 30 soft links you do yesterday, you will go to check some of the 30 love Shanghai included several soft today, by some forum deleted? I believe you are lazy, but lazy is not no way to record, for example, you can use some tools to help you statistics and record some tools you can automatically analyze what growth of external links today, which links failure, and made your report. If the energy is limited, so focus on some of the data can be recorded, such as record with a new article yesterday, which included, which is not included, then the new record today which adds the chain, which chain failure, and record you today and do what the chain. read more

360 image search and image search compared to love Shanghai

from the first feeling, love Shanghai right scroll bar has been pulling the end, that picture love Shanghai has been in loading state, I feel this is not very comfortable. Relatively speaking, the 360 is the display part of the scroll bar can be pulled to the bottom, there is a load more picture button at the bottom of the picture, the feeling is still relatively good, the user wants to see that this design can control their own, worthy of recognition. Originally wanted to use the scroll bar to check the amount of image data of Shanghai love > read more

Battle mobile search engine

The application of significant defects in

mobile search: second generation search engine

third generation search engine is based on natural language search, what the user wants information, it will quickly and accurately find out what information, users do not have to stick to the title, author, keywords, time and classification of traditional search methods.

second generation search engine is the use of "symbolic computation", based on key word search (word), as well as the combination of keywords based search and fuzzy search. Compared with the first generation search engine keyword search based on the advantages of convenient operation, fast search speed, direct search, search engine is the first generation of incomparable. read more

An example of optimization strategy a small tourist site in the five step in the solution

the second step: how to choose keywords

in the article, with the authority of the good article is greatly improved, with the bad article page will be K, and even lead to columns, ZhengZhan implicated. Here a few suggestions:

(2) key chain should be placed in a position;

type, type, type of doubt that display, recommendation four, for small and medium-sized tourism website, suggested that the proportional control in 1:2:2:3, it is of great help for the screening of high quality user.

the general optimization of long tail keywords and related keywords, the best way is suggested according to the product and destination of extension, but we must pay attention to avoid the station and other product pages with the same keywords, resulting in self competition. read more

Look at the industry demand for Shanghai products with love

who do Shanghai dragon smart people knew the love of Shanghai products industry what the needs of the user, the other is the only search by keywords. Search keywords is not good, but if the search keywords demand is a business, then the love Shanghai products demand is a business opportunity. Of course, business opportunities than business income come, come, see how

many people have such prejudice, that love Shanghai’s own products in the first row, second is normal, because the top who does not own things? Is this? If in 2012 before Shanghai love do excusable, but now? 360 market share rose, if love Shanghai or in their products will be placed in the OK position, then the master is not likely to choose 360. If you love the products in Shanghai is not helpful to the user, or affect the user experience, users can’t use 360? That is to say love and not in Shanghai to push their products, but these products are clicked by the user to, is the real content to help users. Like our own problems to search for an answer, love Shanghai that can give us the most intuitive answer, we also tend to click on the Shanghai know love. Know this is a lot of problems can be solved, can also see what the industry needs. read more

How to modify the title to make the website ranking not fall

The big change should not significantly

is the title of the new direction of navigation of a website, and want their website promotion must be focused on the issue of navigation, such as the above-mentioned website – website production and analysis of research and development of this title, the title of adding new elements, so we are in the process of development in the site must do according to these new elements, such as the Internet can write some future development, network development limit, Shanghai Longfeng situation and so on, we do the purpose is to keep pace with the times, such as the future development of the April 20th earthquake and the Internet are related, the new trend of social network. If your website title is the original content and support hot new content support after modification, can be very clear. read more

I see some misunderstandings of current guest websiteHow did vip do it for 18 consecutive quarters

not only purchase guideLocation of

: vip depth discount price for each commodity are not the same with the original price of goods, retail outlets in all price have a discount, and discounts are usually quite large.

brand selection: from brand selection, vip for each brand has a cooperative audit mechanism, not all brands and brand cooperation, cooperation should have a certain audience in the society. Data show that in 2016, vip co branded 5000, vip since the line since the cooperation of the brand has accumulated 20000. read more

All car Li Jian Entrepreneurship for the used car to provide better serviceI don’t want to work for

– two is because I am a good at finding problems, and not good equivocate personality leads to the workplace often do not be led by the.

is that right? Yes, neither. Whenever those great entrepreneurs are often disdain to work under the hands of others, it is not suitable for others in the hands of the work.

talented entrepreneurs like them are destined to be on the road to entrepreneurs, because in that world they are only responsible for themselves, and they are responsible for themselves well. read more

The 6 chart reads the early trends in investment and entrepreneurship in the United StatesWell, sudd

‘s face was hot, the team tried to add some social elements to her face, which was relatively easy. Later, I wanted to do a friend’s circle with a barrage function, but it was halfway through and gave up. "The starting point of the product is wrong."". WeChat is too big, friends circle chain is too complex, students, colleagues, teachers, elders, bosses and so on, the chain of relations is complex. "We want to make a social product that is entirely young people outside of WeChat". Guo column said a detail, when he is going to the ambulance that day, the first thing is to withdraw from the WeChat login information, "too much, it can not stand the bombing". read more

The challenge of electronic commerce traditional stores focus on consumersAll kinds of Wangzhuan sur

with digital products into life, almost all of the retail enterprises have seen the digital product market prospects, such as Gome and Dazhong Electric appliance retail stores have to enter the field of large scale digital retail, traditional stores face a severe test. And the emergence of e-commerce, including the United States, the big and medium-sized, including all retail outlets engaged in digital products retail, an unprecedented challenge.

the impact of Electronic Commerce on the traditional stores, basically has spent the first stage in order to attract operators as the main feature, is now in the second stage to attract consumers. In the first stage, due to the low cost of e-commerce website, more and more digital products retailers in the traditional store rental counter at the same time, also opened a network of shops in the electronic commerce website, some even to focus on operations in e-commerce site, completely by means of sales on the internet. Because of the low cost of e-commerce, the products sold by the same dealer in the e-commerce website are lower than the selling price in the traditional stores. The price advantage of website products has been gradually recognized and accepted by the vast numbers of consumers, and the price on the Internet has become an important reference for many consumers. "Consumers take printed soit" to bargain ", has become a dealer from time to time to face many stores in the scene. As a result, the impact of e-commerce on traditional stores has entered the second stage, the important feature of this stage is that e-commerce sites will focus on the end consumer.

read more

Taobao customers look beautiful, really not overnightTomb-sweeping Day for an empty net funeral and

do respect for intellectual property rights of civilization station, reprint must note source:

until the age of 11. The father took Ma Lei to Hefei and passed by a place called "three filial piety". There, he heard a story, "in ancient times, Zhang Mei Zhang Zhu, Zhang Song three brothers wake, suddenly one day your neighbor fire bring disaster to Zhang, the three brothers moved with less, so flutter in the above Leiruyuxia regardless of personal danger. Fire extinguished, three people are dead, but the coffin coffin lossless." Ma Lei deeply touched, they vow to engaged in the funeral industry, promote the culture of filial piety. read more

Yiqifa woman left Yiqifa loginLi Keqiang encourages Entrepreneurs Jobs also started from a small com

if this advertisement for you, please visit the official union address: Yiqifa alliance platform

activity duration: 2007.12.13 – 2008.12.13

ICBC "foster financial leasing industry growth"

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,


if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback


Department of electronic commerce

settlement cycle: monthly settlement

Yiqifa alliance read more

The VC analysis reported that the capital winter is so shortshlf1314 Adsense background new resource

risk investors not only slows their pace of investment, at the same time, they also clearly pointed out that valuations in decline: surveyed 76% of the risk of investors that 2016 investment valuation is much lower than in 2015.

so, Suster, what happened? Where did the cold go?

capital winter

original address:


this change gives the impression that the AdSense and webmasters need some things combine to enhance the user experience, and better service to the Adsense, it is still very meaningful. read more

API closed on the occasion of Amoy future exploration and forecastStart-up companies in Taobao sell

3, user group refinement: specializes in a certain crowd. This is also the potential for development, but we only have eyes in popular categories, so ignore many profit seeking points. I hope you will do a lot of analysis and study and get out of your own

type category refinement: designed to do a kind of commodity, this is also a good. Some guest friends look at women with a high rate of Commission Act, women’s health care push today; tomorrow High Commission, with care. So, where is the light of day. Pick the right category to do, is also in the future can seize the user in one direction. read more

Why would Wangjing and Jiuxianqiao be the next world class Silicon ValleyHow I graduated three month

so, what is the reason for the Wangjing and Jiuxianqiao hot? Why Internet Co get together here? There are also entrepreneurs here what benefits? I interviewed by several entrepreneurs, investors, media and local residents in Wangjing, the following several points of view, for reference.

more than 10 years ago, for the people of Beijing, the big Wangjing is the suburbs, even if it is close to Wangjing metro, but also can not wipe out the brand of urban and rural junction.


this article really doesn’t know how to write it down. Our pen is really bad. And my memory is so bad, it’s quite difficult for me to write my memoirs. Let’s see. In an article on the "three months of graduation, how I was a monthly income of million a" mentioned in the l-carnitine. Carnitine is a fire, because a man called Dr. wood in Hunan TV’s Encyclopedia in advertising. It’s a slimming product. Everyone knows that slimming products are huge profits. I can be the monthly income of 10000 yuan, because the new one l-carnitine. At the time, my master, when I told me, was in April. At that time, L-carnitine competition is not very intense. L-carnitine meets the requirements: wide demand, high profits, small competition products. If you find such a product, as I like to operate, you can have a monthly income of million. read more

What websites make the most money in the futureshlf1314 AdSense the use of advanced techniques to op


in this configuration, we use the HTML form of this property, made a 250 pixel wide tables, then 234×60 semi banner implantation form, not only solves the problem of column width, as well as advertising and web page layout together.

because the people who use the Internet to decide the future of network form. So we can analyze the commercial lab now and in the future network and website of this to.

Internet is in constant evolution in the use of the network determines the direction of development of the Internet, is to determine what the website has become the mainstream in the future. read more

Comment Taobao customers easily win conversionThe story behind Sequoia Capital


3. let soft Wen fly for a while,

1. commodity reviews to Taobao customers

, however, Sequoia Capital is showing its achievements, >

in 1968, when Glass · Leone Doug Leone came to New York, Mount Vernon, the 11 year old Italy immigrants feel lost. He failed in a math test at school because the two words, "True" and "False" false, confused him.

He was wearing

ambition, weakness, excuse. Many successful immigrants resist these feelings in the process of being successful. They hide their humble origins and try their best to integrate into American high society. But Leone isn’t like that. read more

Summer network looking for part-time matters needing attentionI do some experience in GG AD advertis

2, self recommendation contact stage

              this is the choice of advertising on the adjustment, then tracking advertising, before I am stupid, in the best GG in the pipeline only produced a pipeline to the web site as a name, and then all the advertising code to choose this pipeline to track the results. It has been unclear whether the advertising is clicked on a forum which position, this time I carefully distinguish each ad position, with advertising position to add and manage new pipelines, such as the "728*90 forum post top advertising", "728*90 forum posts at the bottom of the ad, 336*280 post ads to the right", in advertising position as the name of the pipe, it is good to know each marked by clicking the ads pipeline position, which position is more than the number of clicks, which ads are clicked on the high price of an order Know how stupid you are, and focus on advertising where you want to click high prices for those read more