The station optimization and update mechanism

website update mechanism is required for planning and procedures to achieve, this is the station optimization idea. So in the station optimization to achieve web site update mechanism to advance the ways? This can only be said to be to get nothing, as long as you can think and plan and program can help you achieve, is a good way to optimize the station. Some common methods just say here:

1. articles related to the content page, the side bar or the bottom bar placed some related articles, according to the title or keyword relevance; read more

The importance of website optimization and several methods

we were on tour, the tour guide will introduce a variety of attractions. We see, you will find each of the spots will have a guide map. This map is a guide for tourists to see, but also tell the tourists how to go. From this figure we can know oriented distribution of attractions and find the route to go. This guide map like site navigation, its function with directed graph has the same function. When the user enters the site navigation, will make the user understand how to quickly find the information they’re looking for and places to go. This little thing is not great, but it plays a huge role. Navigation location must be seen in the first glance of the local users. For example, we usually see the shelves, first saw is often parallel to the line of sight of the goods, but not in the goods below the line of sight. So we can put the navigation point placed in the position in the middle of the site, do not put in the corners. This is simply the navigation lost its due role, not to play its value. For the navigation information in the website, must do a good job of the work of classification. We can’t put all the information together, to give people a dazzling sense. If this happens, then your website will be a new facelift. The user is god. No one can deny this, the website is for customer service, is also the focus of profit. Classification and information navigation is one of the powerful alliances, invincible. read more

Owners need to pay attention to and solve the problem of the original article

finally, he carries on the analysis to the original content website. You don’t update the site’s original article is on the line, and related topics. Because a lot of people which is not related to the content updates to the Internet, there is no value to the user. In other words, the quality is good, the article to write. Now the webmaster if do promotion is not to write original articles must be K, we should think of the website. This article find who wrote? I share an article written by a good partner here, not QQ directly in his Taobao store (贵族宝贝shop100872979.taobao贵族宝贝/) cooperation for three years, don’t let me down!! they recently opened a Taobao shop, I find a lot of places, I think this is the lowest price of the best quality, the most assured of a transaction. Taobao safe transactions. read more

Shanghai Longfeng thinking on 520 cold after the love of Shanghai

promotion cost is a major source of income for love in Shanghai, a large number of Shanghai ER is in love with dragon Shanghai jobs, the suspected suicide. Want to say love the site of Shanghai, love Shanghai. I love Shanghai to Shanghai dragon obvious website ranking all down. This will not affect the user experience, and can achieve the purpose of making money. The best of both worlds, Why not?. So I suggest Shanghai dragon ER station must put the user experience in an important position. This is the Shanghai dragon path. read more

Shanghai dragon Er observation Magic found Keywords applications

has a number of expert found keywrods three tags in Shanghai dragon on the website optimization ranking effect is almost equal to the 0. I will not repeat to tell those old-fashioned examples. But recently my hand station makes me feel confused again. Don’t fall for a long time keywords

This article from the

optimization at the time every day, but this is not how I stand on stability. About because a month or so, one day suddenly found the keywords ranking 33. Completely stunned. Don’t keywords again be included in the ranking algorithm? I carefully looked at the station is the home page of the keywords appears in the word. Really wonder, attach the following observation, we can look at the study, the optimization result is interested can add my QQ:493285006 exchange. read more

Shanghai Longfeng foundation details introduction and application of nofollow

recently found that many webmaster or Shanghai dragon Er talked about the use of the label nofollow, just the two day in the ZAC book, also saw the introduction of nofollow, nofollow in Shanghai Longfeng in feeling is very important. So today Qingdao Shanghai dragon also come with everyone to learn about the application of nofollow. If you nofollow already know, we can not see the thumbnail, hehe.

The sale of

3, the website links to some of no great importance to join nofollow. As the site is now at the bottom of the page are "about us" and "contact us", "Recruitment" link, this link can be of no great importance link, we can. read more

Qian Yushan the website redesigned five aspects must be considered

3 update, not too fast speed

business circle is very hot, a lot of people involved. On the shopping cart system is popular in the e-commerce site, it is still not perfect to win the search engine friendly. The URL will be mixed with a lot of question marks, and the related parameters of ID, etc.. Although love said in Shanghai last year, the same dynamic and static, but the current situation, dynamic still exists in many friendly situation. Imagine if the planning stage on the site can have Shanghai Longfeng professionals involved in it, this problem cannot be solved should be. I think every Shanghai dragon will remind the programmer personnel should pay attention to this point. If the site has been built or consider the on-line optimization, may want to modify the program, may produce a lot of error pages or the same page. Here, if your site has been built, because want to re design the Shanghai dragon or other reasons, need to pay attention to the following five places from Shanghai dragon angle: read more

Qualified Shanghai dragon should be the real IIS log analysis

The important role that

3. we can according to the response of the IIS log, some issues and problems in our space early warning, because if the server will be a problem if the first time is reflected in the IIS log, to know the speed of the server and stable open speed both will affect our website.

, a IIS log

1. we first space to support the IIS log download, this is a very important point, before we buy space must first say hello to support IIS log download, because some service providers do not provide this service, if the space background support generally have log WebLog log download this function download it to the root directory can be used in FTP to the local server, you can set the log file is downloaded to the specified path. read more

Common search engine marketing


3, search engine optimization (Shanghai,


advertising brand area community marketing keyword advertising

2, search advertising alliance promotion

8, build

marketing features: a list of search results in the first screen first, accurate display of the brand user oriented search. Speaking of keyword advertising and brand display advertising by combining accurate show the high-end brand image for enterprise brand has attracted the attention of the user, suitable for large brand advertisers. read more

ZhengZhan optimization strategy to interpret the B2C electronic commerce website

B2C website, the primary work is to make a lot of website keywords, it is self-evident importance of keywords for the website. In the development of key words mainly consider the following aspects: one is the industry jargon and the use of professional terminology; two is to study the customer is looking for the product itself or to find a way to solve the problem; the three is to pay attention to the brand name and the common name; four is the other name or alias of similar products; five is related to the expansion of keywords. Such as the names, specifications and models; six is the long tail word Many a little make a mickle. scattered, the long tail word is usually a large B2C main Shanghai Longfeng flow; the above six points is to do keyword positioning and analysis of the main ideas. read more

The search engine spiders principle in-depth analysis

often deal with the owners, to organize the A5 webmaster on record activities, also have some understanding of the operating principle of search engine spiders, the summary of some personal experience, did not involve any technology, focusing on thinking. Read the friend, will harvest.


the whole process is so simple, so if you can come to the page of the spider. As mentioned earlier, the spider is divided into 3 levels, the weight of the high site, by the senior spiders to take charge, such as A5, WHY, Shanghai dragon on the laggards, these senior web spider to the most diligent, so the post signature and give the weight of these sites is higher than the ordinary forum, senior spiders have seconds right, so this is why high quality posts these forums can seconds. Intermediate spider, spider intermediate through your chain or Links came to your site, grab your content, and then classified in accordance with the article level, into the corresponding database, and not included in the decision, the need for a certain period of time, so why some Adsense website snapshot and more small, slow. This type of primary spider, the spider is basically the soy sauce, the main task is responsible for the new station, the new station is responsible for the collection, so this is why the new sites included need time, because it has an observation period for you. It was by report, the commander in chief until nod, included in your website. read more

When the Shanghai dragon long tail keywords meeting love Shanghai auction after all just a joke

Shanghai dragon tail topic, everyone talked about this topic now, there are still people attention, the reason I want to talk about this topic, talk about some of the views of the recent introduction of traffic, certainly not limited to love Shanghai search engine, and Google, Sogou, 360 and the like. The long tail keywords, Shanghai dragon more easy to start an optimization thought, can effectively avoid the fierce competition of living space for the glint and flash of cold steel, in the cracks, for the website optimization, title, keywords, description is a single page website entire station location and location need to modify and think of the position, selection and positioning of the long tail the first is reflected in several out of position. But often the search engine ranking criteria, is to rely on the three position and decision. read more

The website anchor text optimization need to pay attention to things

we have such a problem, an article, a want to do keyword appears many times (the site is associated with the site keyword content, so the relevant keywords appear frequency is not controllable), here I often find some friends to do on the website inside all keywords the anchor text, whether there were 2 or 5 times or, actually this method is useless, is not desirable, or even black hat cheating behavior. Here is the best way to first add anchor text, behind can be bold, let SE know that you want to highlight what website, so as to achieve the optimization of keywords ranking effect. read more

The website HTTPS authentication tool to achieve rapid transformation, upgrade included

In fact,

many sites when you enter a keyword, the search results to display (mainly red warning danger site: the site may have been illegal tampering), users generally see this prompt will click on the website, so your web traffic will be very large losses.  


Webmaster Platform launched HTTPS certification HTTPS certification of this tool, what tools what benefits? We can give the site to bring what kind of benefits?

3, landing page, show the evaluation results for the HTTPS page

love Shanghai for similar website security issues, war plans to launch in February this year, a lot of website security is not good enough to do the site by a certain sentence law, so this is the reason why to do HTTPS. HTTPS can effectively solve the hijacking is a means of black etc., like Shanghai in 2015 has been made HTTPS transformation, relatively large amount of users like Ctrip this website, early completion of the transformation of HTTPS. read more

Love Shanghai website tool replacement rule rule URL Xiangjie

Note the

how to love Shanghai website 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/wiki/106#2


1. example贵族宝贝/ha/index-j1-s2-p3.html will replace the example贵族宝贝/ha/index-j1.html, do

in the string

how to write advanced rules URL replacement rule 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/wiki/106#3

to submit the rules?

is from < > its forward, until the emergence of # * < >, directly with the love of Shanghai provide examples, pictures or speak


from Shanghai Love rules: # said numbers, * says any character, < > will string to its nearest (* or # or XXX) replacement for < > read more

Long tail keywords importance to improve site conversion rate

now that we know that the website conversion rate low reason how to solve it? Is very simple, we only need to take out a part of the focus on mining and screening of long tail keywords on. Long tail keywords is generally longer target keywords extended out phrase or phrases, expansion are generally regional expansion, time extension, quiz expansion, gender class expansion, occupation class extension and contrast class extension etc.. Often we can dig out dozens or even hundreds of thousands of the long tail keywords, you need to do is select the long tail keywords because we may not each long tail keywords to do, don’t have the energy, small sites generally have thirty long tail keywords is not much difference. In mining there will be a lot of good, such as what kind of invisible screens invisible screens which is good this kind of synonyms, this is our first selection, because we do not. read more

On the personal website of how easily boarded Shanghai’s first love

I love to play the game every day, nothing will play two, after he cut a few interesting figure on the website or the game interesting things to write up, for example: today who have 2 goods, how to feed, how the equipment, how to deceive the result is what one expert, touch on how to operate, how to walk coquettish; basically is the content, content belong to the original article, no other game, 2 goods are everywhere, do not worry about what to write, and write up very relaxed and happy, sometimes write to smile every day, others appear as original articles awful things will not. There are some websites such as traffic, some people visit, there will be some funny people and things on the map in the website, I will communicate with them in comments, ridicule, traffic gradually also have a part to write interesting people, do not worry about the original article and I also saved a lot of things, just need to do the chain can. read more

How to let the site included increased rapidly in a short period of time

tell the truth this is the way I learned in A5, the effect is really good. The Digg site is similar to the "embarrassments encyclopedia", what interesting things are mining together, and in order to get traffic, all these articles are original, so the spider is love. If our website can own professional articles on the Digg website, writing also has literary talent, so the website of the amount collected will be very ideal. But this method requires us to have unique insights in their field, because Digg website editor is netizens themselves, if the article is not readable, so netizens but not buy it. But in contrast to the effect of the late, this effort is worth it. read more

Let love Shanghai examples included the method of the content page

2) to increase the site outside the chain. You may see the love of Shanghai’s anti chain lifting too much, in fact, this is a natural phenomenon, because I used to do too much spam links, this part of the spam links, love Shanghai each big update will bring them out, so will cause such turmoil, for the chain, in fact the amplitude of the beats is not a bad thing, perhaps love Shanghai itself put some garbage left with the deleted link quality, which is helpful to the ranking. Suggest the webmaster to increase steadily the chain, and the chain increases, beating is normal, not too concerned about, to observe a few days to see. read more

Share the basic principles of the optimization of Shanghai 2013 love!


first, to think long and long do Shanghai dragon from the Internet to obtain the core value, we need to learn and love Shanghai grow jointly, also love Shanghai integrate, this is the main purpose and courage we can survive long! So, we need to continue to study love Shanghai algorithm the adjustment and love the heart of Shanghai, there is an old saying: "only China change is eternal!" in fact, this sentence is very correct, thinking of hanging in the Shanghai dragon industry to eat very easy, but to grasp the essence of Shanghai dragon, grasp the method requires a system, a flow of ideas, in this one, is not available for a deep understanding of love Shanghai algorithm, a change problem is never read more